Restaurant Casa del Sole

4,9 / 7 voturi
Internațională, Americană
Strada Romulus 12, Timișoara

Restaurant Casa del Sole

4,9 / 7 voturi
Internațională, Americană
Strada Romulus 12, Timișoara
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Restaurant Casa del Sole s-a inaugurat la initiațiva și dorința unei familii iubitoare de eleganță și stil, în Timișoara, într-un loc liniștit și totuși la 10 minute de centrul activ al orașului. Din 2004, cu bucurie și ospitalitate, deschidem în fiecare zi, ușile casei noastre pentru oaspeți de toate naționalitățile, oaspeți care sunt împliniți, și cu bucurie se reîntorc. Vă invităm cu drag și pe dumneavoastră, în decorul Restaurant Casa del Sole compus din: - restaurant cu decor clasic și elegant, muzică live, capacitate 100-120 de persoane; - restaurant pub cu decor rustic, capacitate de 50 de persoane; - terasă într-un decor intim cu vedere spre piscină; - terasă deschisă într-un decor verde al naturii cu muzică în surdină; - living și o sală de conferințe cu o capacitate de 40-50 locuri, dotată cu videoproiector.

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4,9 / 7 voturi
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A Anatol
16 martie 2022 20:55 Rezervat în data de 16 martie 2022

A Adrian
25 ianuarie 2022 17:05 Rezervat în data de 22 ianuarie 2022

mancarea excelenta
ambianta intima
un loc superb ce merita vizitat cu orice ocazie

F Florin
30 mai 2021 18:24 Rezervat în data de 30 mai 2021

A Alexandru
18 ianuarie 2021 19:45 Rezervat în data de 18 ianuarie 2021

J Jeff
23 octombrie 2019 16:03 Rezervat în data de 23 octombrie 2019

C Cristina
9 septembrie 2019 11:54 Rezervat în data de 7 septembrie 2019

C Claudiu
17 martie 2019 20:46 Rezervat în data de 17 martie 2019

19 iunie 2022 00:51

I'll keep it short.
I, as people before me, have noticed, also felt the absence of a desk or at least a nightstand next to the bed. HOWEVER, I am giving the hotel a 5-star rating for the room was still nice and clean, and most importantly due to the staff, who apart from being extremely polite, did us a great favor during booking which most people would deny. And I thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast at the restaurant there! :P
Overall a place I would definitely go back to without hesitation!
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26 iulie 2022 11:56

Beautiful hotel in a quiet street, 10 minutes walk from the city center. Staff is very friendly, the room was tidy, the bed was soft and comfortable. The furnitures were like in a castle, but the bathroom is very modern and clean. The air conditioning worked very well. The swimming pool is big and clean. There is also a hot tube and sauna inside the hotel, but for extra cost.
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30 mai 2022 08:15

Nicely located in quiet area of Timisoara.

Good restaurant.
Nice to have the pool in the summer.

Breakfast only average.

Very old bed - nice and vintage but not very comfy.

Very small rooms (under the roof) with low light.
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29 aprilie 2022 10:20

stopped for a few days in, friendly staff, understaffed waiting on staff. as they just come out from winter, the pool is a mess and they were working on the restaurant, pretty careful not to disturb the residents.
We have paid for 3 breakfasts for 3 people as we wanted a good day start, canceled after the first morning as it was full of oil and fats, we could only enjoy the cereals. a month later, we did not receive the refund, still. - so paying in cash is recommended AFTER and never BEFORE.
Owner has 3 dogs, while chatting outside in one of the evenings suddenly appeared and bite my leg for no reason. lucky the dogs are little, and they did not bite my 5-year-old daughter. when investigating further, the dogs were vaccinated, but the staff and receptionist weren't surprised that dogs has bitten. I can make the assumption here, is not the first time.

restrooms quite small and shower broken, as well as light fittings near fellling down on the wall on stairs.

I gave overall 2 stars, only because we slept well over there. it deserves 0 stars as they treated the guest, no manager came to apologize for the dog bitten or to discuss the matter, or offer assistance, or such, and no refund for breakfasts we did not have.
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6 septembrie 2022 19:58

Good restaurant nice place. Some of room have only windows on roof 😞
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