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Strada Gheorghe Doja 40, Timișoara
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Teo Borițoni
11 februarie 2018 21:54

Cozy place with a great atmosphere. It looks different from casual restaurants, you can feel the vibe. If you want to have a chat with some friends and drink in quiet, here is the place. The food has a good taste.

Try to call to reserve a table, it's better.
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Vlad Szirka
10 ianuarie 2018 14:07

Cozy place with a really interesting interior, for example some tables are made out of doors which you might find weird a first, but it will soon grow on you.

There are two things that you have to try over here, those are the lave cake and the chicken wings. The sauce that you get with the wings is incredible and the menu is not incredibly expensive, but it is not the cheapest also, I would say moderate.
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Bianca Ionela Socol
8 martie 2018 23:10

very good food, very friendly staff. like the name, you feel like home. there.s no restaurant in town like this. it.s unique (that door it.s a table, you eat on it :)) )
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Razvan Sarca
17 februarie 2018 16:54

Nice small restaurant in old apartment building with 1930 decorations. Some tables are made of the doors of the apartment. Food is good, large portions, not very expensive. I'd recommend for the experience.
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Anée Todea
29 ianuarie 2018 02:35

Unique hipster restaurant in Timișoara. Worth a visit, very distinct menu, but food is to die for. Good for a date night 🙂
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