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Strada Gheorghe Doja 40, Timișoara
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A Andrei
16 august 2019 23:04 Rezervat în data de 16 august 2019 prin ialoc.ro

Great food, good quality-price ratio, really cozy place. One of the best in town

Steve Traylen
10 august 2019 21:30

Visited with the family a couple of days ago.
The decor is pretty nice and funky with lots of interesting glassware and chairs. Someone clearly taken a lot of time to create an atmosphere.
The food we had:
The hummus was good. The burger was good and chose that over the steak which was dry, overcooked whilst still having raw gristle. Cook less, rest more.
Other random things I noticed. The bread basket had fresh bread at the top and stale bread at the bottom. A steak or at least a sharp knife for the steak would have helped.
The service while sufficient is stripped back to take the order and serve the food and wine. There is zero service beyond that, not seen, please check if I need anything, am happy, would like another drink, ..
An extra positive star for the free Romanian spirit. Best bit of the meal for me.
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Jack Voigt
7 august 2019 16:34

I had not planned on eating here, but when I parked my car and “googled restaurants nearby”, this one popped up. When I use Google to make a recommendation, I check out the most recent reviews and also the lowest reviews. Homemade’s most recent reviews were all 5’s. The low reviews seemed to be based primarily upon the attitude of the servers. So, I entered the restaurant prepared for bad service.

The entrance is not readily apparent. As others have mentioned, you have to know what you are looking for. If you don’t enter the doorway, you won’t see the sign - “Homemade”.

The waitress, while not ebullient, was very courteous, helpful and professional. (It has taken me a while to get used to service in the Balkan countries. Smiles would go a long way, but they are offered rarely. It just seems to be the culture.

The menu is very eclectic. I had come seeking more Romanian fare, but had to settle on a curry dish. Both the main dish and the ordered dinner salad were very good and the portions generous. The prices were very reasonable.
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Andreea Maran
2 iulie 2019 11:49

An eclectic house-restaurant, with style. Cozy-elegant and welcoming, with a very intimate terrace. Good food and good prices. The service was also quick and on spot.
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Michael Schock
24 iunie 2019 22:50

Very nice restaurant with good food and very nice staff. Try the cheese platter for a starter and make sure to share it, otherwise there is not enough room left for the main course. Nice atmosphere inside and also outside. Highly recommended!
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Ana Grosu
10 iulie 2019 08:07

Very hip place, excellent if you want to be in a relaxed and more quite setting. Being there feels like to are at a friends house because the atmosphere is so homey and welcoming. The food var very good too. Definitely would recommend a visit there when in Timisoara.
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