Strada Gheorghe Doja 40, Timișoara
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David Treves
18 noiembrie 2017 17:29

Beautiful place. A hidden gem! Great food, quiet environment and fair prices. Love it! Best dinner we had while on holiday here.
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Alexandru Huțu
3 august 2017 18:32

A pleasant surprise, well hidden in a nice neighborhood. Great food (the turkey is a staff favorite), great service and beautiful decor. It's also one of the most affordable restaurants in the area. You really can't go wrong. This is now in my top 3 restaurants in Timișoara.
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Veera Mirdavoudi
3 iunie 2017 23:46

Unique, pleasant experience. A restaurant I was made aware about by word of mouth from a Romanian couple I met by chance, this restaurant is tucked away in a street and located inside what looks initially to be like an unmarked terraced house. Once inside, the decor is laid out like a home. The food was good and well priced for someone who is used to British pricing. My main, juice, wine and dessert came out to 58 lei, which is less than 12 pounds.
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Monica Ioana
6 octombrie 2017 19:53

Great food in a nice and cozy place
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Tony Stark
20 aprilie 2017 14:52

I've been in Timișoara just for few days, but on all the restaurants I tried, this was for sure the best.
Tasty and good food, nice and cozy place, all surrounded by jazz music.
Highly recommended!
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