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Strada Gheorghe Doja 40, Timișoara
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Alexandru Huțu
16 august 2018 16:21

Edit: Food has gotten mediocre since my first review, I can’t recommend it anymore but the location is nice.

A pleasant surprise, well hidden in a nice neighborhood. Great food (the turkey is a staff favorite), great service and beautiful decor. It's also one of the most affordable restaurants in the area. You really can't go wrong. This is now in my top 3 restaurants in Timișoara.
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Oz Ben-Noon
19 septembrie 2018 11:36

The name says it all. A little hard to find but if you use the maps and peak into the big doors of the entrance to one of the buildings you will see a sign with the name. The food is amazing and served beautifully. The interior design and tramp that rolls outside makes a real special atmosphere.
The only thing that bothered me a bit was that some dishes are a little small for the price, but i enjoyed if anyways.
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Erin Mascelle
17 august 2018 21:24

This place is home away from home! So grateful we found this hidden gem. Food, staff, decor, and the atmosphere was truly amazing. Also really great prices for what you receive.
10000% recommend!!! :)
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Nikola Trajkovski
20 septembrie 2018 09:23

Good food in an interesting surrounding. The service is always pretty good and the food quality is always above par.

The only tip is that the place is hard to find so in order to find it you have to search for an open door on the tram line, and it is inside a house.
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Octavia Stancu
30 septembrie 2018 14:03

nice interior decoration. good food. but they are often missing items from the menu (all pasta once, burgers another time, some meat option)
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