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Strada Gheorghe Doja 40, Timișoara
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iulia vass
4 mai 2019 00:26

This place is really nice as usual with a relaxed ambiance, fit for friendly conversations. Service is good and the food is very tasty. They have vegetarian dishes as well. I had a lava cake which was pretty disappointing though as it was probably overcooked. Apart from that it was a nice experience.
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Olga Baluta
12 martie 2019 14:29

Nice place, worst service
Homemade is a really nice place, located in an old, historic apartment. The atmosphere seamed very cozy and promising for a relaxing dinner together with our friends.
Unfortunately, this visit was an example of how much the service can ruin a restaurants reputation. First of all, the waitress was extraordinary rude without any reason. Second, she also brought us a different wine and blamed us for not paying attention when she opened the bottle (do we have to double check if she is doing her job?!). I usually don't write negative reviews, but the way she is doing her job is totally unacceptable and the management should be aware of that because they will loose many customers if this happens again in the future.
Food was good, although not exceptional. I ordered a salad, it was missing the dressing but the food my friends ordered looked really good and they didn't complain.
I will not return to Homemade, at least not in the near future. Very dissapointing experience.
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Stephan Oeller
15 aprilie 2019 19:27

Very nice Restaurant, it's like you are sitting in a flat of your neighbor. Creative Cousine. Nice
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A Kid
5 mai 2019 17:21

It's great. The food is good and the place is cozy.
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Sergiu DUDA
1 mai 2019 17:41

Great food, great staff, great decoration! 5 stars easy!
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