Scârț Loc Lejer

Strada Arhitect László Székely 1, Timișoara
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Luni - Vineri
09:00 - 23:00
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Păreri despre "Scârț Loc Lejer"

neetZza nitZza
12 august 2018 22:47

Absolutely loved this place! It's a must see if you're visiting the city (+ the Communist Museum, of course, with all the typical memorabilia 😁). Great concept, awesome execution, the interior decor is flawless, and the backyard - absolutely marvelous 😍. Very creative! Oh, and the people, very friendly and nice. Don't even have the words to describe how much i recommended it! 👍
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Otter Underground
16 septembrie 2018 18:51

This place is really awesome. Starting from the bottom:
Basement which looks like a flat which is museum full of items from comunism times,
Ground floor is a bar with big variety of drinks,
There is also a garden full of hammocks :)
Definitly worth to pop in for a beer ir two :)
I would recomment them to create a place where you could actually play the old communism games.
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Rima Jhimi
24 iunie 2018 12:15

Good place with tiny hidden details.. it's a cosy area.. good drinks.. good atmosphere..
It used to be a theater, n
And it holds a small museum downstairs.
The outside area is also a nice place.
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Răzvan Mircea Iliescu
18 septembrie 2018 11:50

It's a chill and comfy place with good music. You can also visit the Communist Consumer Museum downstairs for free (or donation).
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Ceausu Raluca
4 august 2018 20:50

Friendly staff, cool garden, large variety of beverages. Dog friendly. Perfect :)
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