Scârț Loc Lejer

Strada Arhitect László Székely 1, Timișoara
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Luni - Vineri
09:00 - 23:00
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Păreri despre "Scârț Loc Lejer"

Darius Bite
6 decembrie 2018 18:19

Very cozy and welcoming place. Lots of vintage art on the walls. The place has a “Communism in Romania” museum downstairs, and you can enter for free but they accept donations of any kind. There are days when theatrical plays are being held in one of the rooms.
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Larisa Nan
20 decembrie 2018 17:48

Relaxing music, peaceful atmosphere, nice staff and delicious tea. It is beautifully decorated with drawings, posters, paintings... Worth it!
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Ioana Nicolescu
9 ianuarie 2019 13:52

The perfect place to have a beer with your friends, share ideas or play different games. Those interested can also visit the the Communist Consumer Museum, located at the basement.
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Bianca Isac
22 octombrie 2018 10:57

For me, it's an old-timer.
They always have some home made drinks (like elderberry juice, sometimes even food) available at really cheap prices. Place is cozy, staff is usually nice.
They have an impressing collection of vintage stuff all over the place.
Also, they organize great events like plays with Aualeu Theatre.
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neetZza nitZza
12 august 2018 22:47

Absolutely loved this place! It's a must see if you're visiting the city (+ the Communist Museum, of course, with all the typical memorabilia 😁). Great concept, awesome execution, the interior decor is flawless, and the backyard - absolutely marvelous 😍. Very creative! Oh, and the people, very friendly and nice. Don't even have the words to describe how much i recommended it! 👍
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