Scârț Loc Lejer

Strada Arhitect László Székely 1, Timișoara
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Luni - Vineri
09:00 - 23:00
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Păreri despre "Scârț Loc Lejer"

Dorina Roxana Grecu
14 iunie 2018 13:20

Amazing place! Don't forget to visit the Communist Consumers Museum while there! Impressive collection ;)
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sinziana deaconescu
28 mai 2018 19:20

Really relaxed place to go and enjoy the cool side of Timisoara. A go-to-place for the ones looking for a bar where locals would prefer to spend their days. It also has a museum, filled with memorabilia from the communist era, made like an old apartment from the communist era.
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Adela Corina Marinescu
21 aprilie 2018 11:59

Always puts me in a great mood. I've had some of the best laughs and some of the best times here. Do not miss the "Comunist Consumer Museum" if you visit place. And you should! 😉
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Alexandra Klara
29 mai 2018 11:13

The most hipster-friendly place in Timisoara. Expect anything but the conventional coffee-shop/bar. The place is decorated with old stuff, making it seem like a hoarder's house, not a cafe. You can actually get a taste of history by checking out the "Communist Consumerist Museum". Drop by to have a local beer or a huge mug of coffee, while checking out photographs and other things hanged on the walls. You can usually find local snacks, like Pufuleti or Eugenia.
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Master Luster
8 aprilie 2018 16:22

Very cozy place with an unique atmosphere. It has a museum downstairs which is dedicated to life in the comunist times. Actually, the whole place is decorated with relics from the comunist era. The staff is friendly, the drinks are good and the prices are reasonable. All in all this is one of the best places to go out.
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