Sky Restaurant

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Strada Coriolan Brediceanu 10, Timișoara

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Restaurantul răspunde tuturor cerinţelor legale actuale şi standardelor de calitate stabilite. Bucataria este de înaltă clasă, unică în Timişoara, totul într-un cadru de neuitat.

Restaurantul nostru oferă celor ce ne păşesc pragul, muzica live în fiecare seară, de marţi până duminică, de la 20:00 la 22:00.

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M Maria
1 noiembrie 2017 14:16 Rezervat în data de 31 octombrie 2017 prin

Mancare buna, servicii pe măsura, rafinament și bun gust! Recomand cu drag

Florina Ioana
13 decembrie 2018 05:42

Food is too oily and ingredients are not best on the market, not like the position which is the best you can have as a fine dinning restaurant. The view is spectacular and the terrace is a nice place to stay during spring and autumn. Nice design, good tea and easy to reach. It used to be a great place to eat, but the menu is not so good anymore it is near to fast food kind of impression.
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Rigo Mircea
22 decembrie 2018 00:40

This is a lovely place to enjoy a romantic or business dinner. Great service, nice wine selection, excellent food. In my opinion, it is the best from Timisoara, even if it is not that expensive as you would expect.
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Loredana Toma
8 februarie 2019 20:25

Very nice and elegant place. Fancy and delicious food and welcoming personnel.
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Florina Pirtea
26 ianuarie 2019 09:55

I had lunch here several times, the food is ordinary and the portions are small. I disagree that the view is nice, maybe in the evening otherwise i find it lamentable especially if the view is Piata 700. The staff was professional and nice most of the times. In the summer we had lunch on the terrace and they have a cooling system by watering. After we sat down i was annoyed by that fan that was spreading too much water on me and i asked the waiter to turn it off. I was told that it is not possible to stop a fan because all of them will stop. When we finished our lunch my hair was completly wet.
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Diana Lupeiu
7 martie 2019 21:54

Great place with great food!
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