Restaurant Harold´s

Aleea Studenților 17, Timișoara
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Restaurant cu specific international, localizat in complexul studentesc din Timisoara

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Silvia Tanatcu
23 aprilie 2019 13:22

Great food! It's a large menu.
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Gabriel A. Ban
17 martie 2019 10:55

Good food, nice space, good for big events.
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Mihai C
3 februarie 2019 21:53

Nice restaurant for events or simply for a tasty Chinnese dish(espacialy) but this doesn't mean that the Romanian or other dishes are not tasty. All what you eat here will be very tasty.
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Angela Boartes
3 martie 2019 15:29

Very friendly staff, good food (although the Chinese plate for two was better a few years ago), fair prices.
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Stefan Naghi
20 ianuarie 2019 19:30

Good food and services. You can find romanian, mexican and chinese food. Moderate prices.
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