Restaurant Harold´s

Aleea Studenților 17, Timișoara
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Restaurant cu specific international, localizat in complexul studentesc din Timisoara

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Laurentiu Trica
17 mai 2018 21:36

Not very tasty food, a little pricey and we were invisible for the staff...
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Octavian Tamas
26 noiembrie 2017 12:25

Delicious food, I came here with my girlfriend to eat some pasta and it was delicious, the prices are very good comparing it with the quality
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Bojan Canak
11 noiembrie 2017 23:44

Amazing food and very good vine.Excelent service at afordable price.
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valentin muntean
29 mai 2018 17:53

Very good food.
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On Air
29 aprilie 2017 20:21

Amazingly good food. Can easily be overlooked thanks to its surrounding area -- nothing but fast food and poor student establishments. Find it and you won't be disappointed.
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