Restaurant Harold´s

Preț Moderat
Aleea Studenților 17, Timișoara

Restaurant Harold´s

Preț Moderat
Aleea Studenților 17, Timișoara
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Restaurant cu specific international, localizat in complexul studentesc din Timisoara

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Luni - Duminică
11:30 - 23:00


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2 august 2018 19:57

Excellent location.Very good food and wonderful french or italian music. Recommend it !
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18 mai 2022 19:11

I ordered prosciutto pasta with white sauce…and the sauce was not good at all.
+ we waited more than 1 hour for the food and my friend found a hair on her plate. :/
I am not coming here back again.
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14 martie 2022 22:36

Ordered some Chinese chicken with rice.. the service is very very slow plus that the food smelled gross when the waitress came and served it..i honestly believe it was old and rotten meat.
Not to mention that excuse me, but that’s no Chinese food, not in a million years.
Nasty experience ..

Wouldn’t go here anymore.
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1 mai 2019 16:43

Ok place. Good for groups and for couples. Nice garden outside where one can eat a meal. Not very pricey. The food is good, not great but good. Large selection of Chinese and Romanian cuisines.
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3 septembrie 2019 21:17

Great food, both taste and selecting, they have a big variety of dishes and specialities. Location is nice and big, both indoor and outdoor locations. The outdoor one is nicely decorated with vegetation.
Staff is OK and prices are great compared to the quality you receive
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