Aleea Studenților 5, Timișoara
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j jux
7 aprilie 2019 13:00

Pizza's always good - some of the other stuff on the menu (mostly the soups) can be a hit or miss. The guys that serve there are fun, some make weird jokes (like saying your wrong order or that it'll take 3 hours for your order to be done) that can take you by surprise if you haven't been there before, but they're in good spirit!
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Gabor Cristian
22 mai 2019 00:15

Good pizza. And nice place to play biliards
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Vali L
1 ianuarie 2019 19:54

I've eaten here many times. The prices got kinda high lately. Pretty good food though, I'd recommned pizza, chicken in bacon, pastas(best I've eaten in this area) and chicken salad.
Also the staff sometimes it's not the best. It happened three times to wait around an hour simply because the guy forgot about me.
Only reason I am giving 3 stars is the food.
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Daniel Sarb
24 mai 2019 07:47

Good food. Ok service.
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Alexandra Gheran
6 decembrie 2018 08:24

Employees were very nice, restaurant was clean and the food was very good. There was plenty of food for the price I paid. Definitely recommend.
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