Aleea Studenților 5, Timișoara
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15 mai 2018 19:10

I got a week old bread hard as a stone and 2-3 days old fried chicken meat in the salad (dark in color and not comestible)! I called them for a refund, but they did not want to hear about that! Never recommend to anyone!
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Mary Taylor
29 aprilie 2018 23:12

Not what it used to be a few years ago...pitty...poor service, poor food. The waiter was very rood, he didn't even greet us, neither did he bring the menus and responded sarcastically when being asked about the drinks. It isn't our fault that they're lacking personnel. I had the carbonara pizza and the egg on top was halfway cooked, you could clearly see the raw egg whites... Happily I was fine. However, wouldn't return here ever again.
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Stefan Naghi
27 august 2018 20:16

I waited for more than 20 minutes and no one took our order or ask us what we need, although they saw us.
I ate in the past from Napoleon, and they have good pizza.
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Alexandra Cristiana Flamindu
23 mai 2018 09:26

Decent place to eat pizza, pasta and salads. It is right in the middle of the Students' Complex, easily reachable. The staff is usually nice
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Paul Cosma
31 mai 2018 17:40

Pizza is great but the place not so much. I recommend buying from there but eating at home
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