Restaurant Caruso

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Strada Enrico Carusso 2, Centru, Timișoara
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Restaurant Caruso este un restaurant localizat la adresa Strada Enrico Carusso numărul 2. Deschis zilnic între orele 12:00 - 00:00.

La Restaurant Caruso te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific american sau franțuzesc sau internațional sau italian sau spaniol.

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C Ciprian
8 decembrie 2016 11:19 Rezervat în data de 5 decembrie 2016 prin

Pe partea de mâncare, Caruso m-a surprins de fiecare dată cu câte un nou detaliu plăcut. Totul într-o ambianță agreabilă. Unul dintre puținele locuri cu multă grijă și dichis, dar fără fițe, din Timișoara.

Dan Koblicska
21 noiembrie 2017 22:28

I visit TM twice a year. The good choice for business dinner is Caruso. All food was good. Price is reasonable for travelers, high for Romania, even for a high end location. Service excellent every time. House wine quite classy.
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Karoly Szanto
23 septembrie 2017 16:22

Had a nice team lunch last year, right before Christmas. It's a fine dining restaurant so expect high prices compared to the average in town.

I had a pigeon base main course.. really tasty!
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Bogdan Buciuman
14 noiembrie 2017 15:33

I've been here with my family to celebrate my birthday and i find the food quite overpriced, especially the sweets. The food is okay, but for sure it is not the best in town.
I would've maybe given the place a second chance, but having seen the attitude of the owner, when confronted with other people's opinion, I now strongly encourage all of my friends to avoid this place. People with this kind of an attitude should never work in this business.
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Cristian Zahiu
13 noiembrie 2017 22:26

Nu au pleskovica. Highly recommend to avoid this place. The owner has serious behavioral disorders
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Matei Stoica
19 noiembrie 2017 16:46

Not really friendly those guys; didn't get to eat, heard they have good food though

Later edit: Mr. Teglas, the owner of the place has considered fit that after my review, one that was founded on the reality of me being chased away for having the guts to ask one simple question, to create more than a dozen of fake accounts and give bad reviews to my personal business. I state again, that I have not eaten in his restaurant and as such my review is based strictly on the atittude of his waiter and now, his. The man is hateful and cannot stand being criticised. I do not want to know what would have meant to eat in his restaurant and criticise something. Go eat, but know where your money are being spent.
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