Pomo D'oro

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Strada Paltinis 16 16, Timișoara
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Bucatarii nostri va recomanda saptamanal diverse specialitati din bucataria italiana si deasemenea va invitam sa degustati sortimentele de pizza pregatite in cuptor cu lemne. Meniul "Pomo D’oro" include si o bogata colectie de vinuri si alte bauturi .
Este un loc care satisface toate pretentiile legate de mancarea italiana si nu numai, o locatie unde sa-ti petreci timpul liber, la un pahar cu prietenii sau, eventual sa te intalnesti cu partenerii de afaceri intr-o atmosfera calda, degajata si prietenoasa, meniul fiind bogat si rafinat.

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Sorin Goldis
27 februarie 2019 18:45

Very good Italian food, home made pasta. Good service. Usually crowded at lunchtime and in the evenings (better to make a reservation!!). Have been there from 4 to 6 o'clock, and only 2-3 occupied tables. All in all, a nice experience. I recommend
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Cristian Ardelean
30 iunie 2019 16:38

Great location. The place looks nice on the inside and the pizza was good.

My friend and I wanted to eat meat. He ordered beef and I ordered horse. He wanted it well done and I wanted it medium. It was not a good experience. His beef had a very powerful beefy taste (like when the meat is cheap or the cow was old) and it was definitely done medium, not well done. My horse tagliata was undercooked, chewy, if felt like swallowing lumps and I couldn’t eat everything. The mushrooms were awesome, but could not compensate how bad the meat was. I came very open minded, but I left highly disappointed. On top of that, the service was bad, with the waitress barely speaking. It was like us trying to give her information and her not trying to remember it.

Definitely overhyped. For pizza you can go somewhere else. Never coming back.
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Maria Milea
25 mai 2019 20:58

After my 5th visit here I can say that the food is really good and the coffee as well. The staff might not always be in the best mood but cracking some jokes with them always helped cheer them up. Would definitely return again.
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Paul-Darian Morar
29 aprilie 2019 14:48

Exquisit food and service, great place to eat
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Remus Romanu
27 iulie 2019 08:47

Best beef and lamb in town!!!
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