Grădina Bănaţeană

Parcul Justitiei 1, Timișoara
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Grădina Bănățeana - Tradiția bucătăriei românești

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Gabriela Olaru
18 noiembrie 2018 13:50

Great food! Fast,friendly and professional serving.Congratulations to chefs and waiter! Kind of place which makes you remember about Timisoara. Well done!
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Adelina Luchian
8 ianuarie 2019 11:08

My favourite place to eat traditional food. I warmly recommend the barbecue ribs!
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Taga Radu
12 februarie 2019 16:49

A good place to eat good food,fast service,the menu is quite varied but also tranitional plates, let the pictures speake.
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Miltiades Theodosiou
15 septembrie 2018 09:16

Great traditional romanian cuisine. Great tasting food in general. The stuff is friendly and willing. The atmosphere compliments the food well . If you have a lot of people in your company its better to make reservations.
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Cristian Dodo
25 august 2018 20:37

Good food. Nice view. Most try if you are searching for a nice place to eat in Timisoara
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