Grădina Bănaţeană

Parcul Justitiei 1, Timișoara
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Grădina Bănățeana - Tradiția bucătăriei românești

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Felix Iacob
26 ianuarie 2018 14:25

Drinking a local craft beer! Bănățeană garden, old times are gone.
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Isa Bella
5 aprilie 2017 11:58

Nice place for celebrations because of the big tables. Excellent food! The terrace has a enchanting view over the Bega river.
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Emilian Manase
23 septembrie 2016 11:26

I have 2 desserts. One fruit salad and cheese pancakes. The fruit salad was served in a very small bowl but it was refreshing. The cheese pancakes were great. Big portion with icecream and everything. Also a large variety of beer is available.
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Patkós Csaba
1 ianuarie 2017 22:46

Pretty good food for decent price. I recommend it, especially in the summer when you can stay outside.
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Sandu Björklund
22 iulie 2017 18:22

Have been waiting for 20 minutes nobody is coming, the waiters are talking with wichiather. I'm going now.
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