Urban Pizza

Strada Alexandru Vaida Voevod 51, Cluj

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Noul concept de pizza și cele mai bune produse artizanale pregătite cu dragoste și pasiune pentru tine. IN PIZZA WE CRUST

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Luni - Joi
08:30 - 20:00
08:30 - 18:00
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3 septembrie 2019 19:42

The White Truffle Pizza is DELICIOUS! Like a wow flavor explosion...on top of delicious pizza, amazingly original mocktails like lavender & coconut lemonade, raspberry & thyme lemonade, & mint & ginger lemonade...all so uniquely delicious. This place also has excellent decor & seating, outside seating available as well. The owner Vinny is a delight and loves creating & serving delicious food to the people & visitors of Cluj. Definitely make time for this pizza 👍🙌.
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3 septembrie 2019 19:51

Great pizza joint. Additionally: Heineken on tap, fresh squeezed juice, wine and cocktails. Nice decor as well.
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15 septembrie 2019 08:35

Delicious pizza and desserts!!
Very nice staff! Great interior design!
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3 septembrie 2019 18:58

Came from the U.S. to Romania on vacation, was hungry and got recommended this place. First off this pizza is legit, the recipes are on point, and the recipes are super unique. I ordered the white truffle pizza, the picante and the pesto. I was surprised at the quality of the dough and the ingredients. I've had other pizza from cluj but this one is hands down my fave. Also it would be a shame if I didn't mention the custom drinks, try the lavanda and Coco's. It's friggin lavender, Coco and citrus it is the craziest taste I have ever tried. The flavors are so intense my brain couldn't register what it was actually drinking lol. If you don't stop by ur gonna regret it :)
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15 mai 2019 23:45

Best and fastest Pizza in Cluj! And that CRUST.. perfect!
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