Siret Bistro

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Strada Siretului 2-4, Cluj
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Restaurant bistro cafenea pizzerie-cu preparate traditionale din pui,porc,vita,ciorbe,supe,salate,paste,pizza pe vatra cu lemne,bauturi,cafea.

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Luni - Vineri
08:30 - 23:30
09:00 - 23:30
10:00 - 23:30


Păreri despre "Siret Bistro"

Alexandru CRISTEA
1 martie 2019 15:34

A very good bistro for a coffee, a tea or a lunch. I go there almost daily.
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Sorin Florin Staicu
27 noiembrie 2018 13:11

Cosy bistro in Marasti, whith a good choice of foods and drinks. Be careful when you order, because we've been served the wrong dishes🤨
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Petru Florin Pasca
26 martie 2019 07:14

Friendly staff, clean, lovely!
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monica chifor
15 iunie 2018 10:20

It's a nice place to eat. The terrace is very spacious, but is kinda close to the main street and is a little noise. The food and good, especially the pizza and papanasi
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Adrian Ghisoiu
2 iunie 2018 11:38

A very nice place, with good food and prices are not that expensive. It's a very nice place to eat or to drink a cold beer when is hot outside.
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