Bonjour Cluj

Strada Costache Negri 1, Cluj
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Bistro Bonjour te invita sa intri in atmosfera placuta si fascinanta a unui bistro.

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Păreri despre "Bonjour Cluj"

Björn Rittershausen
8 decembrie 2018 00:39

Well, interesting location for interesting parties, events, etc.. Personally I prefer more cosy places, but there are events, where you don't have a choice...
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14 aprilie 2018 19:50

I've only been here for events. It is a nice cosy place to have a party. Food is good and the service is decent. Parking might be problematic. There is only a small parking (7-9 places), but you can also park on the nearby street.
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Werner Banyacskay
15 iunie 2018 11:03

Good food and good prices.
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Claudiu Daniel Nica
11 noiembrie 2017 14:23

Bad experience here. I was waiting for the waiter to bring me the menu for 20 minutes, even than the place was pretty empty.. After that I was waiting for another 35 mins to bring me the food. Food was average, but my fresh with orange was half with water and I could feel the chlorine.
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ioana parauan
21 ianuarie 2018 17:05

Good food, cozy warm place!
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