Pizzeria D'Autore

Calea Turzii 123, Cluj

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Luni - Sâmbătă
12:00 - 22:30
15:00 - 21:30


Păreri despre "Pizzeria D'Autore"

Dorin Chira
29 noiembrie 2018 11:33

Really one of the best pizza places in town.. I really missed it a lot since I haven't visited it in a loooong while (since my brother left Cluj).... It's nice to feel the taste of an oven-baked pizza with fresh ingredients :)
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The Search Box
26 septembrie 2018 05:38

The pizza is great, loved the tomato sauce! The place itself is small, intimate even, kinda reminds you of an Italian bottega. They play Italian music as well, which makes the experience even better. Overall the atmosphere was extremely pleasant, made me feel like I was somewhere in the Italian countryside. Definitely recommend if you're looking for some quiet time and amazing food.
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Alexandru Laurus
17 decembrie 2018 11:07

One of the best pizza I had in Cluj. The place is relatively small yet cozy and I liked it's simplicity.
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Lucian Salvari
26 septembrie 2018 12:32

Prices just went up with about 20%. Is a good pizza, but it's not worth it anymore.
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karla m
6 septembrie 2018 19:31

The best italian pizza in Cluj. I order at least once a week. My favourite pizzas are Sebas and Caprese.
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