Pizzeria D'Autore

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Calea Turzii 123, Cluj

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T Trifu
10 iunie 2020 22:27 Rezervat în data de 10 iunie 2020

10 decembrie 2020 22:05

Very good pizza a few months ago. Now, in my opinion, the pizza is not as good as it used to be.
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9 iulie 2020 00:11

Well, I was satisfied with the pizza before, but the last time I have been waiting 40 min for a carbonara and the bacon on it was burnt as hell. I'm thinking if I should return to this place in the future or just avoid it
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18 martie 2020 19:20

I only ate such awesome pizza in Napoi @pizzeria del presidente. I am so glad I found something that can compare with that, in Cluj ❤️
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5 ianuarie 2021 10:52

Great personnel, good food
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18 ianuarie 2020 12:51

Very good ingredients and dough. Tasty. A bit overrated though... The recipes may be "traditional" but are a bit uncreative and the pizza is always the "soggy in thr middle" kind which has many technical explanations the "autore" should know better about:) A good pizza. Can get better.
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