Pizzeria D'Autore

Calea Turzii 123, Cluj

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12:00 - 22:30
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Păreri despre "Pizzeria D'Autore"

Cristina Olteanu
1 ianuarie 2018 18:37

Very good pizza, nice staff & atmosphere!
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Björn Rittershausen
17 octombrie 2017 19:26

Though the pizzeria is located close to Calea Turzii, it does not mean, that the traffic noise will be disturbing. Actually it is the opposite! When the terrace is open one is sitting comfortably in the backyard, surrounded by trees. The pizza is delicious, probably the best in town...!
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Catalin Cata
10 decembrie 2017 20:34

Tasteful pizza but it's so thin that you can't hold a slice. Also the price is a bit high for what is offering.
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andreea gutiu
27 octombrie 2017 15:20

Pizza used to be very good; it's not the case anymore; 2 times I have ordered a type of pizza and requested to leave out the hot salami so my 2&1/2 years old son could eat it. They have charged me for a margherita and added all the toppings that were supposed to be on the pizza I have ordered, ending up paying a lot more; I should have probably not say anything about leaving out the hot salami and just take it off myself; but than again, that would have been a waste of food...house wine is more expensive than any house wine in a restaurant downtown...
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Dan Alecu
15 noiembrie 2017 22:37

The pizza was great! Honestly, one of the best piza's in town. However I will likely never come here, let alone order from here ever again. This place was held in high praise by several of my friends so I decided to give it a go. Since they are extremely picky with deliveries (i.e. they only deliver to the city center) I decided to call and ask them to prepare two pizzas that I will come and pickup. This is a fairly common practice in Cluj. The lady on the phone flat out refused saying she doesn't trust that I will actually go and pick up the food. When I told her that is ridiculous she started telling me that it's been 4 years since they've had this policy and that they're not changing it based on my oppinion. This is a poor way of refusing if you ask me... but anyway, I was determined to find out what the hype is all about, so I went there. After all she said she was willing to give me a pizza to take away as long as I waited there for the pizza to be made. I went, parked in one of three of their parking spaces and went in to get my pizza. They had it ready in around 10 minutes which, admittedly, is quick. So i go to leave, just to find their own delivery car parked in the entry-way to the private parking (blocking all 3 cars). Personally, at this point I was thinking this pizza had better be heavenly. I went back inside to request they move the car and they agreed. The delivery guy was doing something behind the counter so I figured he'd finish in a few seconds and come move the car. By the time he finally showed up, several minutes had passed and I was sure I would never return.

- The price is significantly above the average pizza price in town
- The service ia significantly worse than any other pizza place in town
- The pizza is among the best in town
So if you want to jump through hoops in order to buy an overpriced, although really good pizza, this is the place for you!
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