Apartament 1 Bistro & Bar

Calea Turzii 162-168, Cluj

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Bine ai venit în vizită! Eşti în locul unde te simţi ca acasă, dar eşti servit ca în concediu. Ce ţi-ai putea dori mai mult? Un loc plin de prieteni, atmosferă relaxantă şi mâncare bună. Nu vrem ca Apartament 1 să fie încă un local, ci localul TĂU. De aici şi numele şi decorul, ca să te simţi ca acasă.

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Teodora Chetan
17 iunie 2018 15:28

I love the friendly, relaxed atmosphere and the fact that they're pet friendly
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Alexandru Craciun
9 iunie 2018 17:09

The pros: nice summer garden with some covers in case of rain, proper TVs for a sports pub, quick and friendly service, good interior design and very good prices.

The to improve: no dressing was brought to our table, I think they have one for every 2-3 tables in the garden. The pork belly soup was ok but lacked some seasoning. The pesto mushrooms were a bit to al dente for my taste, macking them a bit chewy. The pesto was also kind of mild, run of the mill chesse and served in some mushroom water that did not compliment the dish in any way.

Overall this is an OK and inexpensive place if you are in the area, but don't bother making the trip from downtown.
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Bogdan Branzas
3 aprilie 2018 11:36

This small restaurant is held by a family. They have a small garden for summer. The place is quite small but colorful and homey and the food nice. Nothing sophisticated, just a good neighborhood restaurant.
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Ionel Pacurariu
9 martie 2018 12:34

Go there, you'll love everything in that bistro: the food, the atmosphere, the people!
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Daniel Codrea
15 mai 2018 06:00

Great place to have a bite or a drink
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