Strada Lipscani 21, Centrul Vechi, București
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Ne-am deschis portile pe data de 16 aprilie 2011 din dorinta de a crea un loc care sa te faca sa te simti ca intr-un adevarat palat (saray) turcesc. Unde oaspetii nostri sa se delecteze cu cele mai fine placeri turcesti: de la proaspata paine turceasca, sosuri si baclava facuta ca acasa, toate felurile noastre de mancare sunt preparate zilnic, folosind cele mai proaspete ingrediente.

Varietatea, simplitatea retetelor si calitatea ingredientelor turcesti sunt garantia unei mese delicioase.

Asadar, daca cauti ceva diferit decat "clasica"cina, nu poti da gres cu o combinatie uimitoare de preparate si condimente exotice preparate in stil turcesc!

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James Myers
3 august 2019 15:26

Best food I've had after one week in Bucharest. Ordered simple lamb cooked in a clay pot. Super good. The house wine is the best I've had yet here, too. Service is mediocre but I have learned to expect that here. Nice atmosphere. Kind of on the edge of old town.
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Pranav Panchal
12 august 2019 14:20

Very bad experience! Waiter were not paying attention to us and when we got menus after that we had to wait quite some time to be attended. Also the waiter was very rude to my girlfriend and snatched menu from her hand when she went inside to get English menu. Basics of gastronomy was missing.
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Olga Kleshko
12 august 2019 14:23

We came to smoke shisha in this restaurant but did not even manage to order anything. Nobody was coming to give us Menu and then not coming to take the order. Service was just ignoring us. Extremely unfriendly and definitely not recommend this place.
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Ana-Maria Anghel
5 iunie 2019 18:49

Daily menu is delicious: the humus was made by the traditional receipt, the beef stew with smashed potatoes reminded me of my grandma's cooking and the dessert had the taste of homemade sweets. All for a small price which included some tea.
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Maciej Dobrogowski
3 iulie 2019 20:24

Awful service. Worst falafel ever. Tripe soup and hummus were just good. Nothing extra ordinary
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