Les Bourgeois

Smârdan 20, Centrul Vechi, București

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Situata in Centrul Istoric, cafeneaua “Les Bourgeois” te intampina cu ziarul de dimineata, croissantul alaturi de cafeaua ta preferata, cocktail-uri delicioase si zilnic happy hours cu oferte tentante, fiind deschisa pana la ultimul client.

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Adrian Ilie
6 mai 2017 13:50

Quite busy on a Saturday noon, but the burger tastes great, people are friendly and the prices seem right for an "old town" pub.
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Radu Ghidau
5 mai 2017 17:17

Very nice and friendly place. Excelent food. Good prices
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Beau August
20 februarie 2017 23:12

The staff were very friendly, and were quick to serve us. It seemed more "pubby" than a place to go for dinner, however the food was great. It also came out very quickly, and felt like we weren't in there long at all.
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Myra Chai
22 martie 2017 03:26

Food was pretty tasty, but nothing extraordinary. Small portions, pretty unimpressed by the Romanian wines we ordered, and pretty high prices from what we were used to throughout the remainder of our trip. It was a nice break from the binge of traditional Romanian food we had, but not sure if we'd come back again given all the other options in the area.
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Patrick Roddelkopf
11 aprilie 2017 13:13

Waiting for the Food for to long! No good Service. Not friendly. I found a hair in my food. Too expensive! Never again.
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