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Gargantua KSLF

4,2 / 5 voturi
Monetariei 14, Aviatorilor, București

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Gargantua Kiseleff, cel mai hot loc din București, un spațiu în care oamenii impartasesc lucruri și experiențe. Atracția vine din combinația între mâncarea gustoasă, preparatele surpriză, locul extrem de rafinat dar și prietenos.

Decorul este spectaculos, cald și minimalist, fiind un mix de nuanțe puternice, combinații de tapițerii și țesături diferite, detalii geometrice, lemn și lumini subtile.

Meniul Gargantua KSLF este conceput în mare parte din feluri de mâncare care sunt menite să fie împărțite între cei aflați în jurul mesei.

Cu 100 de locuri la interior şi cu alte 60 pe terasă, Gargantua Kiseleff este locul perfect pentru petreceri și reuniuni cu prietenii.

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A Andrada
17 martie 2018 23:43 Rezervat în data de 17 martie 2018 prin ialoc.ro

Atmosfera foarte placuta, mancarea fenomenal de buna, preturi rezonabile, ospatarii amabili doar hostess-ul a fost cam indiferent:la confirmarea rezervarii a sunat si nici nu stia cu cine vorbeste sau ora pe care o specificasem in rezervarea de pe” ialoc” , la venire am asteptat ceva pana sa ne conduca la masa, la plecare aveam hainele la garderoba,ni le-a pus in brate si a plecat - fara sa ne ajute sa ne imbracam sau eventual sa salute.

Laura Banica
6 iunie 2018 17:58

Worst place I've been in years! Service is slow to begin with. Had to wait 1.5h for some pasta! The waiter lacked some basic skills like being polite and showing some interest in his clients. On top of that, there was a big dead cockroach just in front of the ladies bathroom, just 2m away from the kitchen door. I attach a picture to prove it. The food was average for the price. I really think you need to manage this place better. Gargantua Icoanei is totally different, though.
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Anca N
16 mai 2018 14:56

If you want to drink a coffee, grab some tasty food or a fancy dessert and listen some good music this is a good place. It has a lovely terrace as well.
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Stefan-Christian Weigel
5 iunie 2018 15:56

I will start with the only good points I took with me from this restaurant...the very nice and stylish interior design and most of all, the terrace...it is beautiful, perfect for escaping the hot Bucharest summers and slowly zip from a cold beverage...but that's about it. Unfortunately, the down sides of this joint, overwhelmingly surpass this good part...1st. I strongly recommend you not to eat there...forget about the bloated prices, the food is barely edible. The sushi (one of their strong points) is almost as good as the mass produced supermarket sushi (I ordered a set and 4 out of the 11 pcs were based on surimi - YUK!). As a second course I went for a Risotto, which turned out to be the worst Risotto I have ever tasted...it was actually so bad, that the dish itself was most likely ashamed to be called a Risotto...imagine eating a dry bowl of Basmati rice (yes, they used Basmati rice!!) with some worm sized shrimps, some roughly cut asparagus and some crab meat, all combined into something with no personality and no flavor. 2nd. The waiting time...there were 4 tables with customers, yet we waited roughly 30 minutes to get our first course...3rd. The price...I know I said to forget about it, but given the poor quality of their food and service, the prices are an abomination. In conclusion, if you just want a nice, decent garden, to cool of, during a hot summer day, you could stay here or you could cross the street and you get a very decent place to relax and have a drink. If you want good sushi, stay away from this place and go to Herăstrău, to a place called Steak and Sushi (I think that's the name), there, for the same amount of money, you get some exquisite sushi (as it should be). If you want Risotto, well...just go anywhere else they serve Risotto, I promise you it will be better...5 minutes walk away, through the park, at Piața 1 Mai, there is an Il Calcio, where they serve some really good Risotto, for 2 thirds of the price.
P. S. ad to this the lack of parking space and the need for some digestive pills 4 hours after dining there and you get a place, you don't want to visit ever again.
P. S. 2. After a night of indigestion and the feeling in the morning that an elephant played hopscotch on my liver, I decided to downgrade my review to 1 star (kind of minimum).
To the owner: allow me to retort...I keep my opinion and I will most definitely not set foot in that place ever again. Even your answer shows how ill prepared you are to run a fancy restaurant. First, get your facts right...I barely touched the Risotto, your waiters picked up a full plate. After 30 min. of waiting, I had to eat the sushi (ironically called "Chef's special")...I was starving and I suffered the consequences during the night. Regarding what you consider cheap, I just uploaded the receipt of that ill fated lunch, so that the readers can judge for themselves.
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True OpiNION
11 martie 2018 10:43

Perfect location for classy diner.
Great menu. Pizza is super. Suchi is one of the best in Bucharest.
Good selection of wine.
The clients in this location are quality, unlike old city center..
Musoc events are hold there usually free entrance.
One of the best bands is Strada Pogo.

A must visit restaurant bar, with music.

5 stars
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alex Paul
26 aprilie 2018 19:27

Trendy place , quiet and with good food
The atmosphere feels relaxed and high class , the food it hip and the beers are craft - on the expensive side sometimes , for a good beer or coffee this place is the best
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