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Smârdan 24, Centrul Vechi, București

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Odata ce-ai ajuns in Centrul Istoric, inevitabil ai sa-i treci pragul. E locul acela “misto” despre care vorbeste toata lumea,unde distractia si voia buna sunt la ele acasa.Vei fi tot timpul surprins cu muzica pe toate gusturile, care va incinge de fiecare data atmosfera. Freddo Bar&Lounge este un locatie in care petrecerile si evenimentele speciale se tin lant. Muzica de calitate atent selectionata pentru a multumi si cele mai pretentioase gusturi.
Bauturi speciale, cocktail-uri preparate dupa retete din intreaga lume.Conceput si decorat intr-un stil simplu, dar extravagant, Freddo Bar&Lounge isi intampina clientii cu o atmosfera primitoare.
continua cu gustari si paste, garnituri, salate si deserturi.
E o locatie in care fiecare dintre noi isi va gasi locul!

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Sie Barlow
12 iulie 2018 22:33

Fantastic venue with a great vibe and reasonable menu. Awesome summer venue due to the opening roof. Well worth a visit for drinks or a bite to eat
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Mood Bacho
22 iunie 2018 01:39

I'm really sad to say that this was by far the worst dining experience I have ever had and I stress the ever.
To start with we had a waiter that thought he was a model and didn't acknowledge our presence in his station for a good 15 minutes. My friend actually got up and ordered drinks from the bar.
Finally we got to order and ordered 3 appetizers to share (pizza, fried calamari and Greek salad) and 2 main courses (grilled salmon and sesame created tuna).
After what seemed like an eternity the waiters showed up with our entire order at the same time. Then took the fish back to keep it warm when we complained as to why he ordered all the items together.
The pizza was palatable, the calamari looked more like breaded rubber bands and tasted as such, served with some watered down sauce which for the life of me I wasn't able to identify. The Greek salad dressing had nothing to do with anything Greek. The salad's only saving grace was the couple of olives and the feta like cheese served with it.
We rushed through these items since the main courses were already cooked, but then our waiter disappeared and it took us anothet 15 mins to get the main courses. As you can imagine by then the Salmon which I had requested rare was super well done and dry and the sesame curved tuna was inedible.
We proceeded to get up and go to the bar to ask for the check, paid and left. No manager came to our table to check on us or ask why we were leaving with our plates untouched.
Honestly, the place looks like it was run by the servers as there was no manager/supervisor on the floor.
In short this is a tourist trap with horrible food and bad service. Only go there if you are going for cocktails otherwise you will leave "hangry" like we did.
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Gabriel Nistor
2 iulie 2018 10:54

Nice place. Friendly team. Very good coffee.
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Dan Mihai
4 martie 2018 18:09

It's a nice place. Gets crowded after 19:00, during the weekend. The menu offers some traditional Italian dishes, the pizza and pastas being quite good. The drinks menu has something for everyone. There an outside terrace for smokers. It's good for a second date or a night out with friends.
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Matt Thom
17 februarie 2018 16:23

Good food and nice ambiance. We were told after they prepared the bill that it couldn't be split between our party. We had to either pay on card or cash. Not sure if this is a Romanian commerce thing or just Freddo but it's not something we've experienced before in the UK.
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