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Eugeniu Carada 5-7, Centrul Vechi, București
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pabs kingofswing
21 iunie 2019 22:47

Terrible experience. Place looks great and the people around us were getting good drinks and meals that look good, but it took the waiter 25min to come get our order after my local friend asked them to come the third time. After 40min the drinks and meal never arrived. I could see how the bartender inside was in slow motion taking like 8min to prepare two drinks.
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Sophie Thurow
3 iunie 2019 21:25

lovely, cozy place. surrounded by plants. top-quality comfy furniture. excellent toiletts. and pretty kind staff. totally enjoyed our stay.
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Flo Geo
31 mai 2019 20:40

Very nice place. Cozy. Good food. Good service. You should try it!
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Przemek Wozniak
24 iulie 2019 19:32

"Buy 1 Glass of wine - Get 1 free" does of course not apply for quite some positions on the wine list.
Stupid marketing tricks
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Andreea C
1 ianuarie 2019 13:30

Nice restaurant/pub in Bucharest's old City center. The atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant. The menu is diverse and offers a wide range of drinks including freshly pressed juices, cocktails and a wine list. Food looks good too although I didn't eat during my visit.
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