Eugeniu Carada 5-7, Centrul Vechi, București

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Sinziana Mihalache
23 octombrie 2017 15:17

Very nice atmosphere, both indoors and outside. Quick service. Prices are a bit high, but nothing unusual for the city centre. A minus: most beers are at 330ml.
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Daniel Safirman
2 noiembrie 2017 21:29

Nice place, unique atmosphere. Prices are medium high and service could be quicker. But all in all it's a nice place for drinks, coffee or light meal.
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Andrei Popa
2 septembrie 2017 10:57

I just removed Entourage from my favourite places list. We ordered two glasses of wine and 2 desserts, the brownie and the cheesecake.
The wine came right away in two glasses with sticky bottom stands, and for the dessert we waited for about 25 minutes. When we asked the waiter if there is a problem, he told us , very rude, there's a lot of people that must be served and that's why things are going slow. We looked around, the terrace was not even half full. Still good food here but service quality is going down fast.
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Natalia Rogalińska
20 august 2017 10:52

1 star for horrible service given by one waiter who appeared their boss. Despite tasty food our stay there was very unpleasant and gave me very bad feeling about Romanian people.
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Ticamera Alexandru
13 octombrie 2017 08:35

Best place for drinks and long nights
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