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Eugeniu Carada 5-7, Centrul vechi, București

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Nancy Bos
26 septembrie 2018 20:56

Great service and drinks. Food was really good.
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Sorin Dragomir
29 martie 2018 23:51

If you want to feel the vibe of Bucharest's historical center but you don't want the crowd, it's the perfect place. Good food, pop-rock music, nice terrace in the summer. ⚠️DO make a reservation for week evenings, if you don't consider yourself a lucky person 😋 Saturdays... it doesn't matter how lucky you are, reservation is a must! 😎
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Padureanu Ionut
1 mai 2018 16:54

Good food and a big selection of drinks.. serving time is about average for old Town bucharest so it's good... The only problem is that (of course ) the bars around are playing music in the same time and you can't enjoy your food or relax in here.. maybe just come check the girls ...drink a beer and then go on.
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Dobre Georgiana
27 septembrie 2018 18:55

Great cocktails and food is great 2 (I recommend the salad with shrimps)
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Fiona Cameron-Martin
19 iulie 2018 16:30

Very nice place with good food and drinks
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