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Eugeniu Carada 5-7, Centrul Vechi, București

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Andres Hernan Gandara
13 martie 2018 23:05

Great ambient and music. Waiters are attentive and nice. Perhaps a bit pricey for Bucharest but worth it.
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Cosmin Aldea
22 decembrie 2017 11:12

i found myself very impressed about this place. i liked the design of the entire place, the staff seemed very polite and responded promptly to every of our requests. though a bit expensive, it's worth.
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Cristina Bugnar (Aur)
9 decembrie 2017 08:17

It has a very nice atmosphere with the lightbulbs hanging everywhere. The waiter was nice and helpful. The food was good.
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Sinziana Mihalache
23 octombrie 2017 15:17

Very nice atmosphere, both indoors and outside. Quick service. Prices are a bit high, but nothing unusual for the city centre. A minus: most beers are at 330ml.
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Daniel Safirman
2 noiembrie 2017 21:29

Nice place, unique atmosphere. Prices are medium high and service could be quicker. But all in all it's a nice place for drinks, coffee or light meal.
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