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Eugeniu Carada 5-7, Centrul Vechi, București

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Sorin Dragomir
29 martie 2018 23:51

If you want to feel the vibe of Bucharest's historical center but you don't want the crowd, it's the perfect place. Good food, pop-rock music, nice terrace in the summer. ⚠️DO make a reservation for week evenings, if you don't consider yourself a lucky person 😋 Saturdays... it doesn't matter how lucky you are, reservation is a must! 😎
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Padureanu Ionut
1 mai 2018 16:54

Good food and a big selection of drinks.. serving time is about average for old Town bucharest so it's good... The only problem is that (of course ) the bars around are playing music in the same time and you can't enjoy your food or relax in here.. maybe just come check the girls ...drink a beer and then go on.
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Shmuel Hochberg
18 mai 2018 23:26

This is the worst place I ever eat. We were told that food will come after max 30 minutes. It came after one hour !!! The tase was bad, but the top was when food was finally served, the waiters were laughing on us with no any reason . This is not a bad service this is humiliation. If you respect yourself don't ever enter this place and tell your friends the same?
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Andres Hernan Gandara
13 martie 2018 23:05

Great ambient and music. Waiters are attentive and nice. Perhaps a bit pricey for Bucharest but worth it.
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Oana Pastae
28 aprilie 2018 19:14

Nice and cosy, very nice staff. Good broccoli soup!
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