BELUGA Music & Cocktails

Lipscani 30-34, București

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BELUGA Music & Cocktails nu acceptă rezervări

Cel mai cool loc din Centrul Istoric al Bucurestiului!

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Luni - Miercuri
Joi - Sâmbătă
21:00 - 06:00


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Oana Carvatchi
13 octombrie 2017 21:33

Great place situated in the heart of Bucharest, right in the Old Town area. They serve a wide variety of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. If you spend your night in the club they sometimes serve hot soup in the morning, for those brave enough to have spent the whole night partying, but other than these rare occasions, no food is served.
What I like most about this place is their live music. Popular Romanian musicians and cover bands are always on stage especially Thursday through Saturday. The weekends nights tend to be quite crowded so make sure to book a table in advance.
Just a warning: club nights and parties usually start after 10-11 pm in Romania so don't expect people to be there before these hours.
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Peter Otten
1 ianuarie 2018 05:21

Great place, no entry fee! Definitely better than driving out to Boa or Bamboo....
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Alex Gheorghe
9 ianuarie 2018 16:40

Crazy parties, super good drinks and really nice atmosphere!
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Cristian Bacanu
11 martie 2018 01:17

dance ,dance a crazy🍾🍾🍾
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Andreas Cristian
20 mai 2018 01:59

Great place!!! 👍
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