Bistro Vilacrosse

Strada Eugen Carada 7, Centrul vechi, București

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Maja Mi
2 aprilie 2018 01:25

Very cute place from outside, food was tasty but nothing special. Make sure to check the toilet entrance to be surprised :)
Very poor customer service, the waiter was very rude and unhelpful.
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Basilis Alexopoulos
22 decembrie 2017 18:28

Just had lunch there, nice cosy place with tasty food and reasonable prices!
The waiter though (could be the owner too, I wouldn't know) was amazing - a sort of ninja in the art of attending clients, very helpful and polite!!
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Denisa Cirstea
14 iulie 2018 21:46

Very nice place in old city
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Kevin Zeng
25 iulie 2016 13:42

Less modern than most on the block but the food and drink are wonderful. Ask for the beef soup and it's so good. Packed with flavor. We are here from breakfast to lunch since the owner is nice enough to let us use wifi to write this review. Price is reasonable.
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Lulu chan
16 decembrie 2017 20:26

Great service and tasty food
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