Bistro Vilacrosse

Strada Eugen Carada 7, Centrul Vechi, București
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John Cowan
22 august 2019 14:56

Stopped for coffee and dessert for morning tea as they were opening. Very friendly staff. Love the entrance to the toilet through the telephone box! Dessert was fantastic!
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Ewa Rek
31 mai 2019 20:24

Nice people who work here, great atmosphere, good pralinca and beer :)
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Felicia Dragusin
18 iulie 2019 14:41

They have the best gulash in town
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Diana Garbia
21 martie 2019 22:24

Good yummy food, nice atmosphere and nice service :)
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Mihaela Richa
8 noiembrie 2018 22:44

Very nice and cosy place! The waiter managed to transform our visit into another successful dinner out. Thank you for your hospitality :)
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