Bistro Vilacrosse

Strada Eugen Carada 7, Centrul vechi, București

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Mihaela Richa
8 noiembrie 2018 22:44

Very nice and cosy place! The waiter managed to transform our visit into another successful dinner out. Thank you for your hospitality :)
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Jimmy Lee
31 decembrie 2018 15:00

Wonderful place, fantastic surroundings, very nice owner, I had a great breakfast, plan to go back.
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Sabina Chudin
8 decembrie 2018 23:46

Awfull hookah, bad service and the worst potatoes I ever ate.
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Iria Folgueira
16 noiembrie 2018 16:14

Spicy gulash soup in bread was amazing
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Maja Mi
2 aprilie 2018 01:25

Very cute place from outside, food was tasty but nothing special. Make sure to check the toilet entrance to be surprised :)
Very poor customer service, the waiter was very rude and unhelpful.
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