Bemolle Cafe

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Pasajul Villacrosse , Centrul Vechi, București
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Bemolle Cafe, o cafenea care iese in evidenta prin designul asemanator unei cafenele pariziene in stil art nouveau cu ornamente decorative.

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Kevin Kim
21 iulie 2019 19:27

First place in Bucharest that I found that makes margaritas. Just need to teach them to make it Hawaiian style. Can't taste the tequila so I suspect it's more a pre mix or they didn't use the 2oz minimum shot.
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Ekaterina Vateva
1 iulie 2019 11:29

Extremely slow service. The furniture needs refurbishment. The passage is nice, but definitely should choose another cafe if you need to enjoy your time.
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Ivailo I
1 iulie 2019 11:33

Service is very slow in a non rush hour 11:00h, chairs and tables extremely dirty and worn out. Items in menu missing. Nice location.
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Abdullah Hamami
24 aprilie 2019 11:11

It's legit my favorite place in Bucharest to grab a drink alongside a Nerghila.
The provided atmosphere is very beautiful and relaxing, especially the lighting.
Their drinks tastes really good.
Worth every penny!
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Omar Alabsi
13 august 2019 09:08

Service is very slow , chairs and tables extremely dirty and i makt order 3 times. when i need water i never gate.
the staf spending time with friends for long time. they dont kare abut business they are not intresting to do the jobb
verj verj bad sevices wi will never go back agin

i dont rekommend
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