Bemolle Cafe

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Pasajul Villacrosse , Centrul vechi, București

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Bemolle Cafe, o cafenea care iese in evidenta prin designul asemanator unei cafenele pariziene in stil art nouveau cu ornamente decorative.

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Luni - Duminică
09:00 - 02:00


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Andrei Iulian Gird
14 mai 2018 15:55

Bemolle Cafe I would say is my favourite place to hang out. It is really lovely, with good aesthetics, and also excellent beverages. The place is also very popular which means it may be overcrowded at times and thus you may have to wait for a table to be cleared. I recommend you reserve a table if you want to come during the respective hours. The prices would be in the medium-high price range but the quality is assured as well.

Highly recommended.
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Tim Weller
1 octombrie 2018 15:07

A café in the very pleasant arcade. Probably not a place to visit unless you have plenty of time on your hands as the service is incredibly slow. Of course you pay a slight premium for lacklustre drinks (we had a latte and a 'lemonade') just because you're in this arcade.

The latte was just alright, the lemonade was like very diluted lemon squash with a lemon in it.

As I write this we're still waiting for the bill even though there's only two other covers here.
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LIA -Games
25 septembrie 2018 15:34

Drank a few coffees here, I recommend the Espresso Martini for a drop of alcohol in your morning coffee ♥️ The staff is polite, fast servers and pleasant hostesses, The barista's and barman's make everything a-la-carte . Overall experience, very good.
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Andrei Anton
2 septembrie 2018 11:19

We ordered shots that needed to be flambé, but the proof was not high enough for them to catch fire. The waiter was very nice though, and got new o es made properly quickly. The milkshakes were with spoiled milk or cream. Looks nice and fancy, staff is professional and friendly, but drinks and food are really bad
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Sopo Crin
30 septembrie 2018 21:33

Raport calitate pret ok !
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