Bemolle Cafe

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Pasajul Villacrosse , Centrul Vechi, București

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Bemolle Cafe, o cafenea care iese in evidenta prin designul asemanator unei cafenele pariziene in stil art nouveau cu ornamente decorative.

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Luni - Duminică
09:00 - 02:00


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Matei Ionita
10 ianuarie 2018 14:51

Great content in a shallow shell. Probably the best hookah in the area, good tea and cocktails too. Especially recommend their warm Disaronno orange. The ersatz decorations have no charm whatsoever - but to be fair the same goes for the nearby cafes as well.
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Mohammad Ala Amjadi
12 martie 2018 00:46

It's a very nice place but they didn't accept cards for payments, they said the machine was broken!
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Ricardo Bernáldez López
28 februarie 2018 16:01

Very good option if you want to smoke good Shishas in Bucarest, or just have a coffee. Besides, is also recommended for those who want to have a spirit drink because it is cheaper than in other bars. We had a big sisha (3 hours) and 8 whiskys with coke, all for 43 euros only!
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Adriana Dumitrof
30 noiembrie 2017 22:57

This is an ok place for a hookah. It looks good, but those chairs are incredibly tight and uncomfortable.
Their staff looks pretty bored but at least they are not disrespectful.
The coffee could be a bit more tasteful an creamy, but maybe it's just me. :)
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ghalib bak
1 februarie 2018 08:12

Very beautiful place in the old city and the best thing it is far from the raucous area
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