Aida Cafe

Calea Victoriei 16-20, Centrul Vechi, București

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Cafeneaua Aida isi primeste clientii intr-un spatiu decorat simplu, dar cu mult bun gust. Fotoliile de piele, peretii portocalii care sunt sediul unor picturi in ton cu atmosfera locului, mirosul de cafea aromata si narghilea sunt toate elementele care contribuie la ambianta calda a localului.


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Luni - Vineri
09:00 - 02:00
10:00 - 02:00
12:00 - 02:00


Păreri despre "Aida Cafe"

Harry St.
30 septembrie 2017 21:36

Location is great, staff good, trendy people, bad is taste of hookah, very smoky less tasty...
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bob moss
31 iulie 2017 16:39

Lack of space, chairs are too big, slow service, and needs ventilation or bigger AC unit
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Dumitru Alexandru
30 martie 2017 00:53

I do not recommend you this place. It s pretty expensive compared to the other places nearby, the staff is sooo rude and impolite, and it is always filled with 14 years old kids which are not allowed to drink alcoohol, but clearly the staff sold them some. And the chairs outside smell lile piss. Disgusting !
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Estera Jeledintan
14 august 2017 20:06

very rude staff, nasty place, won't come back
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Tzap Inferno
25 iunie 2016 16:16

I used to go to this place since 10 years ago. Probably went over 30 times at this cafe. Everything was rather fine, nothing too fancy, would probably give it a solid 4* until last night. Last night I went there for the first time this year, with my girlfriend and another girl. We sat down and ordered. The guy who took our order clearly had no experience. Then another guy brought the drinks, my girlfriend wanted a beer, he just opened it and put it down on the table. My girlfriend politely asked for a straw or at least a glass, and the guy answered : "You didn't ask for any !". We also ordered a " narghilea" ( I don't know the word in english ), they didn't brought it for almost an hour. I asked the last guy for the check, we wanted to leave, but instead of the check he brought the "narghilea" instead. I told him we didn't want it anymore, we asked for the check. We became furious and spoke to me with obvious aggresive behaviour, meanwhile everybody at the cafe was watching us. As he left I said to the girls something like "That's no way to talk to a client, ever !" and he came back almost looking for a fight, saying that he heard me curse him as he was leaving. I'm pretty impulsive myself, but I thought about not ruining the whole night for the girls and I didn't stand up to him, even though I really really wanted to. The other girl I was with asked the other guy, the unexperienced one, to have a word with the manager but he said there is no manager, there's just the two of them and the rude / agressive guy was the one in charge. We paid the check, got up and left. I will never go there again as long as they have that guy working for them. That guy should be fired on the spot, at least that's what I would've done if I was the owner of Aida Cafe. I never in my life ( I'm 32 ) witnessed such a bad attitude towards a client !
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