Strada Crișana 4, Brașov
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PIZZAIOLO Restaurant si Delivery va ofera cea mai buna pizza din Brasov la CUPTOR CU LEMNE si o varietate de specialitati preparate proaspat dupa retete originale: cartofi copti, baguette, sandwichuri, paste, salate, deserturi delicioase. Produsele noastre sunt preparate respectandu-se toate normele igienico - sanitare impuse de legislatia in vigoare si ajung intotdeauna la dvs in aceleasi conditii de maxima igiena.

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Amalya LovesYouuu
2 august 2019 18:45

Loved it. Great food and great serving. I totally love the tech they use to call the note and all that as well. The food is also made super fast which is amazing.
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Ella Golding Legal
15 iunie 2019 10:28

Not a bad place. Also pizza is decent, just not as you would expect for some of the types of pizza. Diavolo is "spicy" in the menu, but it lacks the kick and the spice.
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elena-simona biton
19 mai 2019 17:07

The pizza was really good. As I was there late for lunch I was so.ost alone in the restaurant. But good food and great deal with the price
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basescu alex
27 mai 2019 15:56

In my opinion one of the best pizzerias in the entire town.The pizza is extremely tasty and it is cheap too.
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Razvan Cucu
14 iulie 2019 19:30

Tasty and fair price pizza and even the other dishes as well.
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