Casa Avram Iancu

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Strada Avram Iancu 76, Brașov

Casa Avram Iancu

Preț Accesibil
Strada Avram Iancu 76, Brașov
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Preparatele noastre exceptional de gustoase sunt solutia! Daca esti prin zona si inca nu te-ai hotarat ce mananci azi, hai la Casa Avram Iancu, unde cu siguranta vei avea parte de o experienta culinara de neuitat!

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Luni - Joi
09:00 - 22:00
Vineri - Sâmbătă
09:00 - 23:00
11:00 - 23:00


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18 iulie 2022 19:21

Absolutely disgusted and horrified by the menu delivery on 18.07.2022. The beans soup contained maggots. The cabbage salad was already old and having a disgusting brown color. Everything went to the garbage.
I hope this guys get their restaurant closed until they learn to prioritize customers health and will learn basic skills of what/ how a food business has to be managed. Horrible experience, Absolutely DO NOT recommend to try, and the 1 star in the reviews is way too much for the quality of their food. Disgusting🤢🤢🤢
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29 iulie 2022 16:22

Prices are decent....The traditional country beef soup is delicious and also cartof cu usturoi, yummy...
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15 august 2019 19:50

Ordered: traditional bulz (corn balls filled with maturated cheese) and fried cheese.
Received: corn poridge with salted cheese topping and two pieces of meat. The fried cheese was just an empty shell with a thin slice of cheese.
The only reason for it receiving 2/5 is due to receiving order on time and it being warm.
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24 ianuarie 2020 22:42

I ordered from this restaurant with a food delivery app. The food was fair and reflected the relatively low price. The soups were average. The mixed grill was good. Meat was properly cooked. The Mici and the sausage were really small but tasty. The overall size of the dish was good for one person. The delivery was 50 minutes faster than indicated by the app.
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14 octombrie 2020 12:26

Attended a function there. The place was ok for 25 people, but service was slow. Just one waitress for all in attendance, food was okish, but drinks were a disaster. Not expecting top shelf, but......... real room for improvement....
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