Mediterra Nou pe ialoc

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Strada Johann Gott 2, Brașov
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Simplu, dar nu banal. Gustos, dar si sănătos.
Am petrecut mult timp pe meleaguri mediteraneene si ne-am intors cu sare si raze de soare in buzunare, pe piele si in suflete.

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F Frank
12 noiembrie 2019 22:36 Rezervat în data de 12 noiembrie 2019 prin

Superb food and delightful service... a top of the market restaurant!

Liliana Violeta Dogioiu
22 octombrie 2019 20:31

Very good food, friendly staff, amazed by the speed of cooking. A warm atmosphere, really nice decorations..and pleasant music, to make you feel like you are on holiday. My food was very simple but tasty.
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Christian Bayerlein
13 octombrie 2019 23:47

Awesome food and really nice and friendly owner and staff. The only little downside is that there is a step in front of the entrance which makes it difficult to get in with a wheelchair. We managed with some help but a little ramp would make life much easier. Maybe next time ;-)
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Sarah F
5 septembrie 2019 17:04

It's nice here. We came before when it was under different ownership and we had an amazing time.
The image of the bar is lovely, but I do feel the waiting staff could be a little friendlier.
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Madalin Tudose
30 iulie 2019 23:29

Without a doubt, not just one of the best, but the only place in town where you could actually serve fresh and authentic Mediterranean dishes(quite impressed by the seafood pastas - I now know how they're supposed to taste like).

The location is ideal, super close to the council square, but privy and quiet enough to enjoy your meal.

Great service, delicious food, cozy interior, I just found myself a gem!
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ilan yeger
29 august 2019 17:47

Great place great food top quality. The owner is superb Mr. Richard thanks for that night.
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