Piața Sfatului 14, Brașov
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Restaurant cu specific românesc, aflat în Piața Sfatului din Brașov.

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Luni - Duminică
08:00 - 22:00


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jonathan wexler
29 august 2018 14:05

Yes service can be slow, but I am not at McDonalds. The food was nice and well prepared. The servers are friendly and accommodating, the price was reasonable.
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Kadije Akl
14 august 2018 19:36

Awful service, the waitress was rude, the lemonade didn't have any sugar in it and the food is not impressive. I wouldn't recommend
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1 august 2018 11:13

The service, REALLY slow. The waiter, awful. We ordered for three times the same thing and they didn't bring it correctly. The food is tasty but I wouldn't come back
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Iunian Pulpea
24 iunie 2018 10:30

Excelent! Great food , great prices, average prices
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Ovidiu Avrămuș
14 august 2018 19:37

Slow service, waiter wasn't very nice, food wasn't that tasty.
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