Piața Sfatului 14, Brașov
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Restaurant cu specific românesc, aflat în Piața Sfatului din Brașov.

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Luni - Duminică
08:00 - 22:00


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zohar Lerman
21 august 2017 00:21

Not expensive. Tasty food (at least somw of the menu) good papanash. Very slow service.
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Jerry Rippel
28 august 2017 10:39

Nice place for a quick meal. Good coffee. Nice views of the old town.
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Adrian Aurelian Panzariu
3 iunie 2017 13:36

It would be 1 star if not for the very kind waitress. She actually knew her job through and through. Coffee mediocre, prosecco decent. Food... horrible. À la grek chicken soup contained very dubious chicken parts, with a cringy aspect and taste. The prices announced something way better was on our way.

Also, the bathroom was pretty dirty, and no toilet paper to be found.

Obviously, we decided not to order another course or dessert and went our merry way.
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Ka No
25 iulie 2017 19:36

The meat was of bad quality and badly cooked. The salads were boring.
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Tommy Zěitgeist
13 august 2016 10:34

Very mediocre food. Not impressed. Luckily also not too expensive.
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