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Old Shanghai Restaurant

Strada Muresenilor 11-13, Brașov

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Restaurantul Old Shanghai din Brasov va asteapta cu preparate autentice chinezesti intr-o ambianta la fel de autentica. Str. Muresenilor 11-13, Brasov.

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Luni - Duminică
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16 ianuarie 2020 23:31

Great Chinese food, probably the best in town! They have good prices and an optimum location, also the staff is helpful and super friendly. I've had sweet sour soup which was tasty and spicy, just how I like it, the spicy noodles were good, but I prefer them spicier and the caramel mix dessert was exactly what I needed to end my dinner on a high note. I totally recommend this place!
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17 aprilie 2019 17:53

I had an amazing experience here and would recommend Old Shanghai Restaurant to anyone. The atmosphere is great because the place is full of traditional Chinese decorations and has relaxing music slowly playing in the background ^^
The food is delicious and really well done and the staff is super friendly and nice.
Can't wait to come back here!
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16 martie 2019 15:44

I actually would have gave 4.5 stars, but since there isn't an option for that it gets 5 for the staff who is really friendly and helpful. The tables have electronic devices to call the waiter is needed which comes very handy. The price range it's normal for a down town restaurant. Not to expensive, not to cheap. The food is freshly made, good taste and good value for the money spent. It doesn't require reservations as there are a lot of tables, but if you are a large group, maybe you should. Anyway, good place for a delicious meal in a normal budget!
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24 decembrie 2019 14:46

Nice Chinese food. A little bit pricey comparing to local restaurants. Beautiful Chinese style decoration inside.
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16 martie 2019 22:28

I can't get it 4.7 stars so I'll give it 5. The food was great. I got friend noodles with pork and the sweet-sour chicken with Spring Packets. It was excuisite. I loved it. I couldn't finished it so I bagged some to go home.
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