Old Shanghai Restaurant

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Strada Muresenilor 11-13, Brașov

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Restaurantul Old Shanghai din Brasov va asteapta cu preparate autentice chinezesti intr-o ambianta la fel de autentica. Str. Muresenilor 11-13, Brasov.

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B Burszan
15 septembrie 2020 19:31 Rezervat în data de 15 septembrie 2020

4 octombrie 2020 21:50

Me and my girlfriend are visiting town for a couple of days and just walking by this caught our eye.
They food was delicious and the service was great.
The place looks lovely inside and I really appreciate the chill Chinese music in the background.
Will recommend.
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8 septembrie 2020 19:42

Maybe in the restaurant the service and the taste of the food is at another level, but the delivery is a disaster. The taste is just fast food. Nothing to do with hot taste or fresh taste. The packaging is impersonal, it can come from anywhere, there is no indication that what I have in the container is from them. Delivery had to be made in 50 minutes but I waited another 50 minutes. Disaster service. I will give them another chance in the future.
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21 septembrie 2020 21:27

The food is excellent and the service was way over the expectations! We have been to brasov several times for the past couple weeks and this is hands down one of THE BEST choices of going out for dinner! The duck was fantastic and the hotplate woodear mushrooms as well, so you definitely need to try them.
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27 august 2020 10:28

I really love the chinese food so i went straight to this location to get some chinese food, especially the spicy rice with some crackers aswell. The food was so good
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11 octombrie 2020 16:55

The food was decent, and it looked good, but nothing more than 'decent' (in Bucharest we have WuXing, wich is the same food, or even better, and half the prices), but the prices are way way too high!! The interior decoration is not that fancy, looks cheap when you're close, the waitress was also the barman and not that helpful and polite, and the bathroom.. well.. I don't think I ever saw a pretty expensive place with such a dirty and horrible bathroom. Really embarassing.....
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