Cucinino pasta bar

4,7 / 38 voturi
Preț Moderat
Strada Diaconu Coresi 6, Brașov

Cucinino pasta bar

4,7 / 38 voturi
Preț Moderat
Strada Diaconu Coresi 6, Brașov
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Cucinino a fost desenat ca un pasta bar pentru oameni cu dichis, activi, pasionați de networking-ul culinar, de lunch și dinner servit în oraș, interesați de un stil de viață sănătos, cu ingrediente fresh, de calitate, dar preparate rapid – într-o bucătărie open space, ce tronează într-un design cu pete date doar de culorile scaunelor de calitate, ce îmbrățișează clienți răsfățați de rețete italiene tradiționale, atent culese, testate și implementate de chef Mario Guglielmi.

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Luni - Joi
12:00 - 22:00
Vineri - Duminică
12:00 - 23:00


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4,7 / 38 voturi
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R Ran
6 martie 2023 22:30 Rezervat în data de 6 martie 2023

G George
4 martie 2023 20:42 Rezervat în data de 4 martie 2023

R Ramona
30 ianuarie 2023 08:43 Rezervat în data de 29 ianuarie 2023

I Ioana
10 ianuarie 2023 22:30 Rezervat în data de 10 ianuarie 2023

Super atmosfera, personalul foarte amabil iar mâncarea delicioasă!
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M Madalina
29 decembrie 2022 16:10 Rezervat în data de 29 decembrie 2022

I Iulia
22 decembrie 2022 21:02 Rezervat în data de 22 decembrie 2022

A Amalia
6 decembrie 2022 22:06 Rezervat în data de 6 decembrie 2022

D Daniela
3 decembrie 2022 18:52 Rezervat în data de 3 decembrie 2022

M Maria
1 decembrie 2022 22:11 Rezervat în data de 1 decembrie 2022

O Oana
31 octombrie 2022 08:05 Rezervat în data de 30 octombrie 2022

D Daria
3 octombrie 2022 14:28 Rezervat în data de 2 octombrie 2022

A cozy yet chic place with good variety of pasta dishes and polite stuff. Tried the Linguine alle verdure and Risotto al tartufo nero e noci - both tasty. The bellini was a nice choice for the drink.

C Corina
15 august 2022 21:59 Rezervat în data de 15 august 2022

B Benito
26 iulie 2022 21:17 Rezervat în data de 26 iulie 2022

R Rocsana
22 iulie 2022 21:58 Rezervat în data de 22 iulie 2022

D Daniela
9 aprilie 2022 14:37 Rezervat în data de 8 aprilie 2022

25 februarie 2023 19:20

I arrived with no reservation. Is recommended to book. The place is busy. Open kitchen and you can see the chef and all the action. Waitress very friendly. Wine selection is good especially the Italians. Dessert was perfect! Loved it. The chef came out and checked the food quality and had great conversation. Great experience and recommend this Italian restaurant.
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25 august 2022 08:51

If you want to experience a quiet night, eat great dinner and taste real Italian food, then this is the place to go. Right in the center of the old town, yet in a quiet spot, off the beaten track, one can find this great restaurant. We were lucky enough to find a table without reservations. Really quality food, great Italian pizza with thin crust and truly al' dente pasta. Great wine list and good variety of beers. Good space between tables. Very polite stuff, very knowledgeable owner who recruited an Italian chef and a sous chef who worked in Italy for ten years. Don't miss the chance to go there!! Absolutely loved it!!
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11 august 2022 11:47

Food was good, but service isn't.
If you have empty glass on table and waitress have seen that 3 times (she giving us food ... salt, pepper and vinegar ... handkerchief) and do nothing. If we are ready to pay after meal about 30 minutes nobody comes. We have many time and many themes what to solve :) After that time we come to the bar where was 3 waitress which sits on bar and only looking to your phone's like there's nobody to pay :D
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25 iunie 2022 01:27

Top notch. Nearly everything is done very well. The gnocchi are pillowy and light but still chewy, best I've had outside of Rome. Great service, any and all of the staff will probably serve you on any given visit.

Went thrice and each night, someone different wore the Picoli name tag.
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23 decembrie 2022 12:23

Such a cozy little restaurant in the heart of Brașov.
The staff is so friendly and the food is yummy!
We went here 3 times on our trip and each time we were not disappointed.
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