Keller Steak House

3,6 / 8 voturi
Internațională, Americană
Strada Apollonia Hirscher 2, Brașov

Keller Steak House

3,6 / 8 voturi
Internațională, Americană
Strada Apollonia Hirscher 2, Brașov
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Specialitatea restaurantului este Steak-House, friptura frageda si zemoasa, preparata de catre bucatarul nostru exact dupa gustul dumneavoastra, din cea mai buna carne de vita din America de Sud.

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3,6 / 8 voturi
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25 august 2021 20:27

A steak house that knows what they do. Top notch cuts( which %80 of the success that a steak house depends on). Satisfying wine selection. I live in Bucharest and there is no steak house like these guys in Buc. Visit!
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20 iunie 2021 09:16

There's both inside and outside seating. Staff is friendly and service is fast. The meat was mouth watering and definitely looked like it was of good quality. The sides they serve with the meat are also tasty and in just the right amount. There's also a veggie burger available. Definitely recommend!
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19 iunie 2021 19:57

A very good steak. Cooked the right way. Medium rare was superb. Excellent service. Intimate setting in the heart of the center. 10 out of ten
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24 martie 2021 19:40

Was a great place to eat, I liked the service (very kind and helpful), the food arrived pretty fast and it was done as per our request. The outdoor seating was warm enough for an hour or so with the heaters and the blankets.
Downside? I really expected a bit more from the steak. It was not bad by any measure, it was just... Normal? Nothing amazing? Maybe I came with a bit higher expectations, but that's just my take.
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10 august 2021 17:27

Right from giving the order the waiters were kinda rude and were whispering while we ordered. Got a mojito with almost no alcohol apparently. Ordered a steak that had almost no taste of steak but more a taste from the previous products cooked and barely tasted the beef. I wanted the steak to be medium rare and if was mostly medium done.
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