Keller Steak House

Strada Apollonia Hirscher 2, Brașov
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Specialitatea restaurantului este Steak-House, friptura frageda si zemoasa, preparata de catre bucatarul nostru exact dupa gustul dumneavoastra, din cea mai buna carne de vita din America de Sud.

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Zach Rossow
3 ianuarie 2018 22:42

Amazing experience! We went here after trying Sergiana. The better place by far is here! The Argentina Ribeye is amazing! Classy service with good atmosphere and personal touch was great. Glad we stopped in here tonight. Veronica was a great waitress.
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Ashi Atlas
2 septembrie 2017 12:18

Service and food were both great! We had rib eye steaks which were really good, along with sides of mashed potatoes and asparagus. For a starter we had the caprese salad. Highly recommend.
Perhaps the fastest service we had up until now in Romania.
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Cristi Nicoara
22 decembrie 2017 01:21

This was second time when I eat here. For me, one of the best steak I ate; besides, wine house from Aurelia Visinescu (if remember well, Romanian range, Karakter), nice and competent staff (November 2017)
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Nicholas Kazan
30 septembrie 2017 09:31

I am yet to try the "best steaks". Instead I had the misfortune to venture for the eggs benedict. What a disaster; the most horrible mistake ever made in a kitchen, and outrageously priced. I told my server so and that by watching youtube two minutes a kid could do better. She responded well, did not want to charge me. Still, such a mistake is inadmissible. Do not serve breakfast and concentrate on what you can do best!
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Nikola Matošević
31 iulie 2017 07:09

I believe that their steaks are good, but the burger I tried here was very, VERY basic, almost McDonald's-like. I was actually pretty disappointed when I saw it. The other day I took the julienne cut chicken breasts which was okay, but nothing special. The beef soup I tried was perfect though. Staff was professional, but kinda cold.
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