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Strada George Barițiu 28, Brașov
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Luni - Duminică
07:30 - 23:30


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9 decembrie 2019 10:54

Had a good first visit, then came in on a Monday morning where the staff was helping all his friends and didn't want to take my order. So, I left. This is a place for teens and hipsters, not tourists. Avoid this place at all costs. Unfortunately, I came in the previous day and had good service. Sucks that one staff member can ruin it for the company.
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4 ianuarie 2020 21:19

Love that place, best coffee in town!
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12 septembrie 2019 13:37

One of the best hot chocolate I had in a long time! And it also comes with a gorgeous view of the mountains!
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11 septembrie 2019 13:48

Best coffee shop in town and we tried a lot in Braşov. Coffee has actually some flavor to it. A lot of choices of special coffee. Cheaper than average in romania. High quality of WiFi and friendly bartender. 100% recommend
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23 octombrie 2019 16:16

Really good place and a nice atmosphere, good coffee, music might be a bit loud for some people but it's considered a youngsters place.
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