Strada George Barițiu 28, Brașov
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Luni - Duminică
07:30 - 23:30


Păreri despre "Kafea"

Za. cky
17 ianuarie 2019 20:02

Unique cafe experience. Latte is made in the opposite way, warm froth milk first then espresso over. It's not too hot and you drink it with... A straw.
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12 februarie 2019 22:18

The prices are pretty good for how much coffee you get and how good it is !
The waitress was really friendly and helpful !
There are outlets to charge your phone but not a lot of them and if you're sitting at a group table you'll have to leave it plugged at the bar or somewhere.
The (unisex) bathroom is clean.
There is a wifi network though I'm not sure what the password is.
They play music in the background and the overall mood is great ! Would definitely come back !
I recommend the coffee drink that has biscuit/cookie syrup in it? I don't remember the name.

Edit: it is called Big Mama
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Bogdan Boţa
30 noiembrie 2018 09:19

Great coffee, nice personal and a cozy atmosphere. What more could you ask for? If you're not able to decide what coffee flavor you want, I recommend pumpkin spice. It's just incredible. Also you can serve a cereal bowl (they have quite the selection) with your favourite milk (cow, almonds, soy or coconut)
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Shadrach Smith
18 aprilie 2019 12:41

Fantastic coffee and fresh squeezed juices. Friendly and helpful staff!
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Rucsa Galateanu
24 februarie 2019 10:33

Small cozy café, filled with mostly young people. The flat white was delicious.
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