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Strada Ciprian Porumbescu 29, Timișoara


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Strada Ciprian Porumbescu 29, Timișoara
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Gelateria Zanoni, deschisa in 1998, a fost primul local in care, dupa 1989, timisorenii au putut savura gustul unei inghetate artizanale, preparata dupa o reteta de traditie italiana, dar si a faimosului desert Tiramisu. Va oferim si azi o inghetata savuroasa, de prima calitate, cu o consistenta deosebita , cremoasa, pufoasa, cu peste 30 de arome si un numar de 20 de cupe deja consacrate.

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G Gabriela
24 august 2020 21:06 Rezervat în data de 24 august 2020

G Geanina
3 noiembrie 2018 21:05 Rezervat în data de 3 noiembrie 2018

R Ramina
28 octombrie 2018 17:16 Rezervat în data de 28 octombrie 2018

2 august 2019 22:19

The location itself doesn't stand out in any way and it could be improved.

There is outdoor seating and indoor seating as well.

In the menu you will find a variety of ice cream deserts but not only, there are some cakes available.

The ice cream itself is not bad, the price is fair and reasonable compared to the size of the portions.

I've ordered a Sunshine cup and in the menu it says it contains mandarins but mine had oranges.

The staff is friendly and nice but they seem kind of lost at times...

There are things to improve. If you are looking for an ice cream parlor there are better and much better choices available in the city.
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20 iulie 2022 13:04

Excellent ice cream 5/5, old old decor, nice staff
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19 iunie 2020 19:23

A complicated mix of flavour. It Tastes as Good as It Looks!
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27 februarie 2020 23:22

A nice place to visit after a working day, they have a great variety of ice cream and some several cakes and some of great hot chocolate. They have also during the summer until late autumn a smoking area outside. Few parking spot in this area of town but it's worth it. Enjoy
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28 octombrie 2016 18:24

Best icecream I've ever had. I went back home recently, after 10 years... They still kept the same high standards and what touched me the most is that the lady, who I guess is the owner remembered me after 10 years... I was a regular customer before I left. I always go there with pleasure, they always make you feel welcome and adjust the menu to the way you like things... I can't fault this place!
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