The 80's Pub

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Strada Arieș 19, Timișoara

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Atmosferă placută, multe tipuri de bere și muzică pe gustul tuturor.

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Păreri despre "The 80's Pub"

Arpad Gabor
22 noiembrie 2017 19:04

One of the coolest pubs in town. If you want beer, this is where you should come. Over 100 types of beer! The place has a really nice, vintage design, as is the music. You should not expect great food here, there aren't many things to choose from, but you have a McDonalds nearby if you need food.

As for parties, the place is pretty small for this kind of stuff, but the fun is there. Folk, rock, disco, and these are only a few genres of music they play here, and it's really good.

Overall, I recommend this place to anyone who wants great beer and likes old music.
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Anatolie Andreev
31 ianuarie 2018 23:39

Loved it!
Great bar/disco. Oldies but goodies, music, friendly people usually.
Great place to dance.
I recommend visiting it.
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Alin-Ștefan Vălcăneanțu
27 ianuarie 2018 00:11

Great variety of beers. Fun fact: the name indicates the number of beers that they started with on the menu. Oh, and they have fresh popcorn!
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victor moisa
11 ianuarie 2018 09:26

Great pub with more than 100 types of beer. The service is great. Can get crouded some times.
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Simona Elena Murariu
21 ianuarie 2018 19:53

Comfy place, great selection of drinks, great music.
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