Restaurant Merlot

Splaiul Nistrului 1, Timișoara
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Restaurantul Merlot a apărut din dorința de a oferi musafirilor noștri o experiență deosebită si nu doar mâncare de calitate.

Meniul este de inspirație mediteraneană, conținând preparate ale bucatariei italiene și franceze. Toate ingredientele au fost atent alese deoarece ne-am dorit numai materii prime, proaspete și de o calitate foarte bună. Pastele, sosurile, siropurile, dulciurile, toate sunt făcute "în casă" și fără a conține ingrediente artificiale.

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Matei Stoica
25 iunie 2018 18:13

The best option for either a business lunch or a nice dinner in Timisoara. Not the best restaurant in the world but it has very good food, nice staff and a nice atmosphere. Not to mention it helps having where to park right in front.
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Luigi Volpini
25 februarie 2018 21:21

Elegant place close to the centre of Timisoara. Had a cauliflower soup (excellent) and roasted duck. Very good selection of wines that you can also have in glasses. Good quality for relatively not expensive bill. To try.
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Dan Alexa
18 ianuarie 2018 18:40

Trying to look fancy but all the wallpapers and details are crappy, fancy prices, fancy expectations but food is awfully average and low quality. There's also a weird smell inside like there's something rotten or like someone smoked inside a day before.
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Mihai Rotaru
5 octombrie 2017 16:03

Great cuisine. Really love the fish tartar, pasta with shrimp and garlic.
Nice interior, cosy, the terrace is in front on the side walk with only 3 tables.
No place to park your bike securely, unfortunately. Hope they will consider this to improve in the future.
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Adrian Marcu
14 martie 2018 20:12

Great food, not so great waiting times.
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