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Strada Mareşal Alexandru Averescu 1B, Timișoara
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E rupt parca din secolul trecut. Inca foloseste, pe un ton cald si o voce groasa, cuvinte precum: chizăş, farmazon, afurisenie, e plin de culoare si se alinta nostalgic cu romante vechi. Miroase violent a ceai de tei si subtilitati. In spatele ochilor lui se ascund povesti. Iubeste ca un nebun si viseaza. Se opreste pe strada, ingana melodii placute inimii si danseaza. Prin octombrie zice ca-si deschide casa mare boiereasca si pregateste o masa mare, viniluri cu jazz si prieteni noi. Pentru noi. Toti.

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L Luana
8 august 2019 22:34 Rezervat în data de 8 august 2019 prin

Excelenta primirea, servirea si mancarea. Gradina este frumoasa, intima. Revin la Musiu ori de cate ori ajung in Timisoara.

M Mariana
13 ianuarie 2019 21:54 Rezervat în data de 13 ianuarie 2019 prin

E prima dată când vizitez restaurantul,,Musiu,,.
Mi-a plăcut foarte mult localul. E intim și plăcut și deservirea desăvârșită.

R Roxana
3 septembrie 2018 09:40 Rezervat în data de 30 august 2018 prin

Mancarea foarte buna, exceptand deserturile care sunt extrem de dulci.
Aveau foarte multi tantari, in 5 minute eram muscata deja de 5 ori.
Sugerez sa se planteze sau sa se cumpere ghivece de flori care tin tantarii la distanta (solutie abordata de restaurantul Casa Bunicii).

C Ciprian
13 august 2018 10:33 Rezervat în data de 12 august 2018 prin

Excelent ca de obicei. Mancare gustoasa si bine facuta +bere rece si mai ales atmosfera ce te face sa te simti ca pe veranda casei tale!

Ciprian Bratu
22 iulie 2019 06:39

Nice place, nice garden for summer time, food is very good. They don’t accept card payments. Will I go again ? Most probably yes.
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25 iunie 2019 22:23

Best pasta I ever had. The waiters are rather busy, but that's nothing compared to the food quality. If you lift your arm, they quickly come to your table.
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John Doe
24 iulie 2019 14:46

This is not a review about the awesome food or the chill place. We all know that.
This is a review about the many times that I ended randomly at Musiu with different people and I had to give up on different courses because I did not have enough cash on me. I don't think somebody who comes to eat at such an expensive restaurant should look inside the wallet and count how much cash they have on them and then pick whatever they can afford with that amount. I had to give up on desserts, drinks and what-not because you can't pay by card. So unless your margin of profit is smaller than the fee you pay to the payment processor you're loosing money. The waiters are trained to tell you this story: "The owners of the restaurant are almost never here so we don't have access to the card to buy the ingredients".
This is a story that they tell people to shut their mouth. Are you telling me that all the other restaurants in the world that accept card payments have owners that go and buy the ingredients? What about the chefs that have multiple restaurants in multiple cities? Just because you accept card payments doesn't mean that people won't pay cash anymore. You'll still have some cash to pay for the ingredients... Also there are options to give your employees cards in their name that have access to the business account (and you can set limits if you don't trust your employees).
This practice doesn't only affect the money people spend at your restaurant but also the amount of tips your staff makes. It's been like that for a while now and I don't expect the owners to take this feedback seriously because "if it ain't broke don't improve it".
This being said the food is awesome (and expensive) and if you have a lot of cash always you'll enjoy this place.
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Teisi Adrian
1 iulie 2019 20:07

Not the first time i've been here.
- Ambience is nice and relaxing music so i would give it a 4* because of the traffic noise
- Staff is ok, more or less so they deserve a 4*
- Drinks are good and they deserve a 4*
- Food is not good or bad. Everytime i come here i get something different and seems a little worse everytime so that is a 3* from me
- as for the price : to expensive for what the place offers so that's a 2*

Owner reply:
So why do you continue to come if it's so bad?

Update: As i cannot reply to the owner i will write here an update

I did not say the place was bad only that the food is not that great and that it is a little expensive compared to other places. Maybe you could improove the food quality a little, so it would worth the price ;)
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Mihai Alex
24 iunie 2019 11:14

Very good food, but serving was terrible overall. Take in consideration this if you don't have a lot of patience. 4 stars for food 1 star for serving (avoid brunette waitress)
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