Casa Bunicii

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Strada Virgil Onițiu 3, Timișoara

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Casa Bunicii 1 si 2 sunt restaurante cu specific Banatean. Nostalgicii copilariei petrecute pe la bunicile din banat dar si calatorii ce poposesc in Timisoara apreciaza deopotriva bogatia bucatariei banatene.

Nu in ultimul rand Casa Bunicii este un restaurant de familie fiind singurul din oras care ofera atat de multe facilitati pentru copii: scaunele speciale, toaleta pt copii, loc de joaca in interior dotat cu camera de supraveghere video si loc de joaca in gradina cu spatiu generos si dotari de calitate.

Datorita politicii noastre de a nu face rezervari la intreaga capacitate, restaurantul nostru nu va fi niciodata inchis pentru o nunta sau un botez. Totusi datorita succesului de care ne bucuram, seara si la sfarsit de saptamana este bine sa va asigurati ca aveti o rezervare facuta din timp.

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S Sorin
25 februarie 2018 09:05 Rezervat în data de 24 februarie 2018 prin

Rezervarea nu a fost vizibila la restaurant, desi a fost confirmata pe mail si prin sms

A Antoniu
12 februarie 2018 16:44 Rezervat în data de 12 februarie 2018 prin

Primirea a fost ,"nu gasim rezervarea...poate ati rezervat la Casa bunucii2.Mai asteptati sa se elibereze o masa". Mancarea a fost buna.Am incercat noua reteta de "gulas de peste,ca la Szeged".Se vede ca au invatat bine prezentarea si gustul de la vecinii nostri de la Seghedin.

Mihai - Adrian Sopronyi
3 ianuarie 2019 18:19

Great food, don't let the prices fool you. The portions are great. Also, there is happy hour between 13:00-18:00
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Adrian Marincas
6 ianuarie 2019 10:28

The restaurant was nicely decorated for Christmas atmosphere. The service was very slow and the meal had a strange sour taste. It supposed to be a nice romantic dinner with my wife. We choose different menu. The consequence was that both my wife and me we end up on a severe sickness and we spent our evening on several urgent and painfull visits to the toilet .
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Ioan David Sarafincean
3 ianuarie 2019 13:18

In some ways it's really good, in others it's lacking.
The location is ok, but it doesn't have any view. The restaurant has no private parking spaces, so good luck finding one close to it. The place feels cozy and rustic; should I say the the place is enjoyable? I would incline to say yes. Why incline to say yes and not saying it decisively? I'll address that in the not so good aspects of the review. The bathroom was clean and properly stocked, I liked it. The serving was pretty good and helpful. The food was good and maybe great. The food price was ok, not too low and not too high.
The not so good parts:
The written food price from the menu, was almost indistinguishable because of the color, contrast and font. It took a great deal of time for me and my colleagues to figure the price.
When we wanted to pay, the waiter asked us how would we like to pay the tip - cash or by card - , because it is NOT included in the price. To me, that felt a bit like I was taken advantage of, to say the least. In my honest opinion, the tip SHOULD be included in the price, especially if it is MANDATORY and I would pay for it without a doubt. ( Trust me, I can afford it. )
Overall, the experience was good, maybe even better, but the "tipping" situation left me with a little bitter taste in my mouth.
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Marius Marton
29 august 2018 16:37

Overrated restaurant. The prices do not reflect the quality of the food at all. Not worth paying for the name. The location is nice, the service was not very good when we were there. Might have been bad luck, but good restaurants always have tasty food. If you want traditional romanian food, I would recommend going somewhere else.
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Rosca Florentina Oana
12 iulie 2018 22:05

Amazing place. A lovely restaurant the food was presented nicely. The waiters were so friendly they couldn't do enough for us. Exactly the type of service you would expect from a well run establishment. All in all a fabulous meal. We'll be back soon😊
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