Strada Florimund Mercy 7, Timișoara
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In respectabila ei traditie, Miorita Timisoara reinprospateaza vremurile de altadata pentru bunii oameni de azi!

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Păreri despre "Miorita"

Bazil Scaletchi
15 mai 2019 17:44

I visited this place twice, every time I felt great.
A place with authentic decor, where you can serve traditional Romanian dishes and drinks. You can also spend an evening with friends, along with a several meters of beer and grilled assortments.
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Slavik Liman
12 aprilie 2019 19:08

The decoration and the atmosphere is very authentic and excellent. You can feel the Romanian culture and it's very exciting.
Nevertheless the main dishes we got weren't so tasty...
1. Excellent decorations and music
2. Polite waitress
3. Very big portions and great beer
1. The meat in both our dishes came too dry
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Cristian Pele
30 mai 2019 12:11

Very good Romanian food and authentic style.
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Alexandra Stroescu
30 aprilie 2019 22:03

Food is really good. This time I was disappointed by the house alcohol (afinată), which is usually good quality. This time it tasted thin and unflavoury.
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Robert Abel Mocan
12 martie 2019 11:27

Very friendly staff, the food was excellent and the rustic Romanian atmosphere is spot on. Highly recommend!
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