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Strada Mihail Jora 3, Timișoara

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La Pisici este atat o cafenea cat si o casa temporara pentru pisicile salvate, pana cand acestea isi gasesc o familie.

In cazul in care gasiti unul sau mai multi pui de pisica si doriti sa ii aduceti la cafenea, pentru sanatatea si siguranta celorlalte pisici, va rugam frumos sa tineti cont de urmatoarele mentiuni:

- anuntati in prealabil intentia de a aduce o pisica la noi, prin telefon sau facebook; daca dispunem de locuri libere, o vom putea primi la noi.

-putem accepta doar pui (pana in 4 luni)

-pisicii trebuie sa aiba carnet, vaccin si prima deparazitare deja facuta de cel putin 5 zile

-daca doriti sa donati mancare, pisicile noastre prefera Whiskas junior :)

Multumim pentru intelegere si va asteptam cu drag!


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Dietmar Krutsch
28 februarie 2018 15:23

Sticky air inside but not from the cats we have seen. We didn't know that having sexual activities is allowed in public places. The bartender (maybe the owner) from the facility seemed not to be disturbed by the persons who instead of getting a room were there on the couch and ... you know wht I mean! I think it is not ok! For me and my friends this was the first and also the last time we have visited this place. Not to mention that out of 4 drinks only the fifth was available.
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Alexandru Cristian Mihaescu
24 decembrie 2017 18:07

If you love cats.... that's the place where you want to enjoy your coffee, or anything else. There are cats you can pet and play with, of course, if the cats are in the mood, cats... Anyway, the place is enjoyable, calm atmosphere and cats!
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Indarkwehopesaveall Timesfindtous
15 februarie 2018 18:11

Jazz cat's chips and drinks. Paradise of fluffiness.
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Roxana Mlendea
5 septembrie 2017 16:06

La Pisici it's the second cat cafe I've been in Romania. I can say it's a lovely place, especially because of the cats. Of course there is also place for improvement in the decor and quality, but I really didn't care about there aspects that much. I didn't go there for the coffee or for how the place looks like. I went there only for the CATS. And I felt so happy and relaxed. The cats seem very happy too. And that's very important. I just hope most of them get adopted. I totally recommend this place if you're visiting Timisoara.

PS: They have a donation jar. I think even the smallest amound of money is helping them. They have a lot of cats which require food, vet fees, treatment etc.
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Angelo San
8 octombrie 2017 19:37

Excelent place if you love cats. You can also adopt a cat as far as I know.
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