Strada Daliei 14, Timișoara
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Restaurant cu specific Italian. Deschis in anul 2002 . Specialitati de pizza,paste, paste facute in casa si peste proaspat.

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Karina Popova
17 martie 2018 01:03

The food was tasty, but without any sides or presentation. Unfortunately, we had to sit and wait an hour for our order, as they had lots of delivery requests on Friday 🤷🏻‍♀️ (!?) The personal denied to provide us a folk, when we asked, trying to teach how should we eat our dessert. After some conversation, they brought us... a spoon. If you are used to the European level of service, you probably will be as confused as we were.
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Alin Iacob
7 iulie 2018 18:47

Quantity but not quality. At least for my q stagioni pizza. Terrible prosciuto, terrible salami.
Good service, the lady always smiling..
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Razvan Panaitescu
7 martie 2018 00:30

Excellent Italian cuisine, with a very proud (Italian) owner greeting and welcoming most of the times its customers.
The non-standard dishes are the best choice - the ones written on the chalkboard and not part of standard menu, in classical Italian style.
Cosy, very cosy place.
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Matei Cotlet
9 aprilie 2018 20:33

It serves good pizza at good prices , it's easy to find , and the staff is quite nice too.
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24 ianuarie 2018 21:54

Excellent food. Very nice owner; he always come to the tables and says hello to the guests.
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