Bugar'D Pub

Strada Gheorghe Lazăr 1, Timișoara
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Bugard pub a luat nastere intr-o zi de 14 februarie si nu dupa mult timp avand tot mai multi prietenii care si in ziua de azi ii calca pragu..Mancare foarte buna si porti pe masura..Sa nu uitam si in ultimul rand sortimentele de bautura,avand o gama foarte variata de bere botle,bere draft si nu in ultimu rand brandurile internationale de alchool.Bugard pub in cateva cuvinte este ''Un stil de viata'' pentru multi timisorenii si oamenii din toate colturile tarii.

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Sebastian Schlupp
23 martie 2019 23:32

For a pub, the music was absurdly loud. Couldn't hear my own thoughts. We requested to turn the volume to a decent level (and the pub was almost empty) but after being told "yes" nothing happened.
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Alex Matei
5 decembrie 2018 14:20

The food is overall tasty, but it's full of oil and too much fried. The desserts taste bland and plastic. Atmosphere is cozy, the staff is nice and quick to serve. I recommend this place for grabbing drinks with large groups of friends.
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Mihai Zota
23 ianuarie 2019 17:13

The food was very bad - not at all as in the past.
But the service was even worse.
They mixed our orders and than we were told that they actually did not have what we ordered. So they decided to serve us what they wanted.
At some point the music was very loud so I have asked if it's possible to lower the volume a bit. "Are you joking?" was the reply.
Thank you for your understanding but... I'll never go there again.
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Ionuț Hedeș
31 ianuarie 2019 21:59

I waited a surreal amount of time for my food, just to witness them taking my order to another table. When I asked for it to be brought to me, the waiter left it at the opposite end of my 10 person table. Not to mention I received a tomato instead of ketchup
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Paul Mihalcea
24 februarie 2019 12:10

We eaten here on 29th January around 16:00 o'clock. The food was OK. But we will never go back because we were bothered by the fact that somebody was smoking on a table close to the toilet. And the smoke was all over the restaurant. On their website was saying that is a non-smoking place.
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