Bugar'D Pub

Strada Gheorghe Lazăr 1, Timișoara
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Bugard pub a luat nastere intr-o zi de 14 februarie si nu dupa mult timp avand tot mai multi prietenii care si in ziua de azi ii calca pragu..Mancare foarte buna si porti pe masura..Sa nu uitam si in ultimul rand sortimentele de bautura,avand o gama foarte variata de bere botle,bere draft si nu in ultimu rand brandurile internationale de alchool.Bugard pub in cateva cuvinte este ''Un stil de viata'' pentru multi timisorenii si oamenii din toate colturile tarii.

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Natalia-Cristina Raţă
11 iulie 2018 18:09

It used to be a nice place with amazing food and a nice atmosphere. It's now disappointing how things changed. The food is mostly tasteless, looks like it was thrown on the plate, not a dingle effort to at least try and make it look good. The staff is split between the new team, working during summer season and the old staff, the ones that treat you with arrogance and seem disrespectful to their colleagues. I no longer recommend this place.
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Hulban Alexandra
8 martie 2018 18:47

They have very friendly staff, at your service at any moment. The bathrooms are generally well cleaned. The service is fast, but not too fast. The food is excellent and there is a great variety of food and drinks too choose from. Definitely would go again!
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Mihai Stoicoi
17 august 2018 14:03

Good food, great location in the center of Timișoara. The summer terrace is a must.
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Zavran Romanov
20 ianuarie 2018 22:21

Great restaurant, decent selection of meals and desserts to choose from. Excellent food and pricing, stay away from it on busy weekend nights when it is packed, the wait times are pretty long. Overall great choice.
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Dan Alexa
6 mai 2018 15:20

Good food, good for an evening out with the colleagues, everything is a little overpriced.
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