La Cuptor

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Strada 9 Mai 7, Sibiu
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Credem că alegerile pe care le facem pentru ceea ce mâncăm ne definește ca persoane și alegem să oferim cele mai bune preparate, pe bază de carne, gătite în cuptorul nostru de lemn.

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Luni - Joi
13:00 - 23:00
Vineri - Sâmbătă
13:00 - 23:45
13:00 - 23:00


Păreri despre "La Cuptor"

Patricia Iacob
7 iunie 2019 19:45

A surprising dining experience in the centre of Sibiu. Beautifully prepared and plated dishes, especially the duck and the fish. I loved that they served aromatic waters without sugar. However, the dessert was deceiving. The lava cake served with homemade ice cream is way too sweet. Maybe they could swap the caramel for something lighter to make the combo more palatable. The drinks are a tad too expensive but it remains a worthy dining option if you are tired of the usually heavy traditional foods from Sibiu.
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Sharida Manitou
15 iunie 2019 10:19

The food was awesome! Tasty and intelligent. I had an interesting interpretation of a very common stew and a was impressed. And at a very affordable price.
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Christina Penn
18 iunie 2019 10:45

I think I might of ordered the wrong dish for the place. All dishes look beautiful coming out, but the duck with rice noodles was pretty bland. I still enjoyed it, as I just wanted something different than the traditional food for a meal. The wine was good. Bit higher prices than the rest of the area. I recommend the place, interior beautiful, but maybe look what the others are getting and order that. The mussles and seafood pasta seemed to be a big hit.
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Cristian Clep
3 iulie 2019 16:41

I ordered a burger which was the best burger I ever tried. The waiter was nice and helpful. I can only give it five stars...
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Luciana Blaga
30 mai 2019 09:24

Good food. Prices medium-high. Food was served quick because it wasn't crowded. Waiter was polite and attendive. Menu is rather limited but i think this is a good thing.
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