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Strada Berariei FN , Sibiu
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Luni - Duminică: 12:00 - 15:30 și 17:30-23:00

Cu un meniu simplu gandit in functie de ingredientele gasite in regiunea Sibiului la producatori locali,sustenabil si organic, Kombinat propune un neo-romanesc echilibrat, servit alaturi de un pahar de Staropramen rece.

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Luni - Duminică
12:00 - 23:00


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V Virgil
13 noiembrie 2019 22:07 Rezervat în data de 13 noiembrie 2019 prin ialoc.ro

Ambianta plăcută, mâncare foarte buna, servire excelenta! O locație care trebuie căutată. Virgil

Razvan Gaston
30 septembrie 2019 09:39

The food was delicious. (I had turkey)
The desert was unique and savory ..
Not a lot of to choose, but it was very tasty.
Service was great.
A bit pricey for me.
Overall great experience.
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Giu Ghica
30 septembrie 2019 07:37

Best restaurant in a town with many very good restaurants. New cuisine with local very fresh and extremely tasty products. Rapid and insightful service, fantastic chef!!!! Bravo! What a gem!
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Hans Christian Hansen
7 septembrie 2019 19:27

I scoffed when I heard that Sibiu had been named gastronomic region of Europe 2019. I love the town ... but not for its restaurant scene which is dominated by steak houses, imported cuisines, and some very staid traditional Romanian restaurants.

But here is a place that is worthy of the label “gastronomic centre”. With intelligent make-overs of traditional regional dishes, and inspired and tasty use of local ingredients — vegetables, fish, and meat.

Lovely wines too — but it’s a shame that their beers are international when there are today excellent Romanian microbreweries; thankfully those can be tasted at the beer festival across the street this weekend.

PS: I will be back!
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Cristi .
15 septembrie 2019 15:03

This is centrally located and has a modern attractive look. It is not a brewery in the sense of brewing beer and the beer offer is not extremely extensive. The food menu is a nice selection, quite attractive dishes. There is an open kitchen and you may watch as food is prepared and assembled. We had virsli sausages, turkey steak and roasted sheep, each with sauces and sides. The food was generally good, strong tastes, and came in medium portions. The most interesting dish was probably the turkey, the sausages were OK and the sheep had few more chewy parts, but otherwise tasty and accompanied by delicious tomatoes and an eggplant sauce which was too subtle perhaps. Good draft beer and we had an incident with a juice which was elegantly resolved by offering a lemonade on the house. The dishes took a bit to arrive and the prices are beyond medium. Service was ok. Probably a bit more than 4 stars.
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Anca-Mihaela Șuteu
17 noiembrie 2019 10:47

The food is delicious with unique combinations. It was a nice experience!
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