Curtea Berarilor Timisoreana

Preț Moderat
Bulevardul Stefan cel Mare si Sfant 10, Iași

Curtea Berarilor Timisoreana

Preț Moderat
Bulevardul Stefan cel Mare si Sfant 10, Iași
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Principiile Curtii sunt clare si sanatoase: Pofta de viata se tine cu bere la halba si bucate alese. Aici e rost de pus veselia la cale, loc de lasat deoparte zarva de afara. Aici timpul curge altfel. Caci atunci cand sorbi bere de soi alaturi de prieteni si mananci ca un boier, vorba devine ras si poveste care se scrie de la sine.

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Luni - Joi
16:00 - 01:00
16:00 - 02:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică
16:00 - 03:00


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3 mai 2021 18:07

Let's begin by saying that the Covid lockdowns may have had a say in this establishment's service.

The prices seem pretty fair, although we have not had a large meal, to judge most of the categories.

Now, for the not so pleasant parts:

- they have a "signature" burger on thr menu, advertised with 100g of pickles on the side. The only hint of pickles were exactly two slices inside the burger. When confronted, the server was in awe that there were pickles on the side, written in the menu.

- the chicken upper legs dish were advertised with "regionally cooked potatoes with bacon". Think of wedges with bacon shavings. Of course the potatoes were actually fries, and no hint of the above specialty.

- the salad is out-of-the-bag. No seasoning or freshness (we had to select on the side of the plate some dead leaves).

-no honey available for thr coffee or lemonade. Not everyone enjoys processed sugar.

Needless to say that the server could not resolve either issues.

I appreciate that things are rough for hospitality, but as restrictions loosen and people are expected to help this industry get back on track, don't botch the experience, or you may die out in the struggle.
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30 iunie 2021 19:00

Fairly large terrace good to enjoy beer with friends, they have great draught beer with option to buy in large quantities for a lower price

Cannot comment on the food, I did go there twice, the first time had some Romanian mici which were good, the second time unable to order from them and having to settle for Greek food cooked next door
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2 octombrie 2020 09:15

For me, this is not a place to go. We order something and ..surprise we receive half of the order without any explanation. Not to mention the fact that I paid integrally for everything. I do not recommend it!
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20 iunie 2021 16:40

Nice place ,awsome vine =))
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6 ianuarie 2021 16:03

Nice music, nice atmosphere, very good beer at a very good price and the place looks awesome
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