Cin Cin by Select

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Piața 14 Decembrie 1989 2, Iași

Cin Cin by Select

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Piața 14 Decembrie 1989 2, Iași
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Cin Cin by Select te așteaptă cu experiențe culinare de neuitat. Bucătăria de circulație europeană te așteaptă cu arome și delicii greu de refuzat.

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Luni - Duminică
11:00 - 21:00


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G Ghad
18 septembrie 2022 11:27 Rezervat în data de 17 septembrie 2022

M Monica
14 iunie 2022 21:52 Rezervat în data de 14 iunie 2022

25 octombrie 2022 02:22

Modern and elegant design.

The menu is rather short and has mostly 1-2 items of each popular category. Not many vegetarian options, specially low on diversity when it comes to salads. However, the food we have tried was really good and the service was efficient.

The prices are a bit high, but it is expected for the restaurant of a good quality hotel in the historical center of the city. You get what you pay for.

It looks like it's just one room, so it could get full quickly on a busy evening. Consider making a reservation before going.
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2 martie 2022 00:31

Went here for a tranquil lunch and found a loud disturbance with people being unreasonably noisy because of a couple photoshoot that was going on while we were eating. To make it all more unpleasant there was an awful lot of heated cigarette smoke coming from all sides, from people seated at other tables. I am not a fan of this being allowed for consumption in public indoor spaces. For anyone who's not aware what that smells like, you'll smell notes of dirty feet and touches of flatulance.
Food was alright, I had the duck breast which unfortunately came cold. My party had the carbonara which was unnecessarily pepperd and salted.
Perhaps staff was also overwhelmed because they were poorly attentive to us.
What can I say, went there with good hopes for a peaceful meal, to escape the daily grind and came out dissatisfied - mostly because people's behaviour. Food wasn't bad, I may give it another chance, but perhaps while being sat away from vanity photoshoots and bad smells from smokers.
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14 iunie 2021 19:45

Really great quality food 😀. Impeccable service 👌. Their "Ciorba de burtă" (Cow belly stew) is the best. And also they have the best limonade I have tasted in Iași. 😋
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8 noiembrie 2018 22:36

Iasi seems to be nowadays a more and more busy city, I tried booking some restaurants and in the end we decided to go for Cin Cin.

I was suprised about the service but most importantly about the food. The seafood had a nice flavour and is really worth to try. Had this with a very nice beer, after all I had the pleasure to try probably one of the best deserts I ever eaten.

Just check my pictures to convince yourself !!
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16 iulie 2023 09:16

Excellent and pleasant place to celebrate the anniversary in family.
Intimate area in the restaurant, fresh air, friendly host, and great foods.
The 🎂 named Diamond, made by them, was an excellent sweet choice. 😃🥂🎉👍
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