Carciuma Veche

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Strada Ion C. Brătianu 30, Iași

Carciuma Veche

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Preț Moderat
Strada Ion C. Brătianu 30, Iași
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Cârciuma Veche născută din dorința de a răscoli amintiri și povestiri di pi Ulița Mare a dulcelui târg al Ieșilor se dorește a fi un refugiu din tumultul vieții, refugiu ce nu se diferențiază doar la nivelul esteticului, atmosferei și al farmecului insinuant ci și la nivel gastronomic. Tocmai de aceea, înainte de toate, Cârciuma Veche este o desfătare a aromelor cu adevărat irezistibile și inconfundabile. Noi știm că vei fi încântat de scurta ta incursiune prin vechea lume a artei culinare garnisită cu amintiri, imagini, povestiri, antichități și flori la ferestre și tocmai de aceea ne permitem să iți dăm și un mic sfat: zâmbește! Dragii noștri jupâni și jupânese, aicișa la Cărciuma Veche, mânânci di crăchi, dughești cu sârg șî lăutarii ti gâdili la urechiușâ, di cu zori di pi la cântatul pintenatului șî pânâ sara, când înciepi sî crezi c’ai gătit di socotit stelili di pi cieriul dulcilui târg a Ieșilor! Ca sî iți gâsăști un locșor la noi, dăni di vesti la tilifonu 0727.255.288 sau scriini un răvaș pi

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G George
22 aprilie 2023 23:40 Rezervat în data de 22 aprilie 2023

C Costel
19 martie 2022 23:19 Rezervat în data de 19 martie 2022

13 ianuarie 2024 11:18

Traditional Moldovan restaurant with all the dishes and beverages. I enjoyed my time in this establishment.
Food portions were big and reasonably priced the same as with the drinks. If you are curious about the Moldovan Cuisine and want to try out the food and drinks I highly recommend this place.
The inside has a traditional look and decor really cosy and pleasant to be inside.
The service was great as well, really good in my opinion, quick, polite and helpful.
Overall, highly recommend.
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18 iulie 2023 10:26

My wife and I spent our first dinner in Iasi here and they did not disappoint. After going through the extensive menu we almost had too many choices. We asked our waiter what would be his recommendation especially as it pertained to Moldavian choices. He took the time to get some ideas of what we liked and came up with several recommendations from food to wine. Tochitura cu fudulii was my selection and one I never would have tried but am amazed how great it was, along with everything else we had that evening.
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14 octombrie 2023 16:04

Really bad experience. Bad service. I waited more than 20 mins to get the menu, and only because I went inside to get it myself. Then, waited an hour to get my food and they gave me a wrong dish. Had to wait another 5/10 mins to get a fork and knife.

Only good thing was the view of the national theater. All the rest was awful. Food very greasy, wasn't expecting that.

There are many other places way better than this one. Not recommended.
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3 august 2023 13:49

If you wanna try Romanian traditional food, this is a good place.

The menu has a great variety and it is hard to choose!

I recommend adding some pictures on the menu because for those who do not know these dishes, it is difficult to make a selection.

The quality of the food is very good. We thoroughly enjoyed everything we ordered. Portions are BIG. We could could not try the deserts because we were already full.

The ambience could be better. It is not a big place and also not too lively. Still we enjoyed as we were with friends and the food was delicious.
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29 iunie 2023 12:56

Came in on a recommandation and really like it! Local traditional food and which is definitely what I was looking for! My dish was incredibly tasty and they gave me a really good wine to pair with it. Came in quite late and they made an extra effort to let us stay a bit later than closing, really appreciated it. Service could have been a little less rough but nothing major.
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