Strada Constanța 12, Cluj

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Twelve e o combinație subtilă între localul familiar, casual, și restaurantul șic în care ți-ai petrece timpul alături de prieteni apropiați.

Ideea restaurantului este aceea de a răspunde la nevoia unui spațiu discret, care să ofere intimitate într-un peisaj urban supraaglomerat.

Twelve reprezintă locul ideal pentru a-ți petrece două dintre momentele esențiale ale zilei - mic-dejun sau prânz - toate felurile de mâncare pe care le servim respectă principiul preparării unei mese delicioase.

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Luni - Vineri
08:00 - 17:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică


Păreri despre "Twelve"

Denis Gabriel
21 mai 2019 11:12

Great place to have lunch. Decent prices, amazing food (one of the best lunch menus I've tried in the city) and looks cool too.
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Dan Bora
26 iunie 2019 12:29

God and affordable food. It is a bit crowded at lunch, so make sure you arrive at an appropriate time.
Edited: too crowded at lunch. We waited a lot of time for them to take our order only to find out they ran out of the food we wanted. Find another place
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Buza Jonny
12 aprilie 2019 09:35

It is the first time I arrive in Cluj just to visit the city. After some research, this place has been the best place for a breakfast. The atmosphere is truly cozy, no doubt on that. There were around 10 people inside, with me and my girlfriend together. It took the waiter some time to get us the menus and some more time to get our orders. I have ordered an English breakfast and my girlfriend scrambled eggs with something-something + 2 americanos. The coffee is purely disgusting. I had to put sugar in it just to be able to drink half of it. Regarding my plate, the beans had way too much salt and the eggs were a bit undone. Basically, the whole experience was not living the reviews. Not worth coming twice. The bathroom was nice though.
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Andras Libal
1 februarie 2019 15:19

This place has good tasting food (~30-40 RON for a meal), I tried all 3 burgers this week, the Smokey is the best imo. Service is fast even when the place was completely full I did not have to wait too long for my food. They try to be professional and courteous.
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Flavia Tuduce
12 aprilie 2019 13:37

Came here with a few friends from work, we all picked the Daily menu for lunch. We got the Bloody Mary soup (basically tomato soup) and we got the Miso and Ginger Braised Pork with rice (see image). I really like the braised pork, it was cooked really well and was very tender and delicious. It went perfectly with the rice. One colleague got the Grilled chicken with vegetables and he also enjoyed his choice. They also have a a la carte menu with plenty of great things on it. We went at about 12:30 pm, and the place was not that crowded. The food was served really fast and the waitress was quite nice. Defiantly recommend the place.
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