Casa Boema

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Strada Iuliu Maniu 34, Cluj

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Casa Boema era locul de întâlnire a celor pe care îi legau voia bună și dragostea de frumos.

Clădirea de pe Iuliu Maniu 34 a fost construită în urmă cu 180 de ani, pentru a-i servi ca reședință contesei Krisztina Bethlen (Kendeffy). Mai târziu casa a aparținut familiilor Tisza, Zeik și Hirsch, apoi a intrat în proprietatea statului comunist, fiind administrat o bună bucată de vreme de întreprinderea Arta Culinară, care a și deschis grădina de vară. Imobilul a fost apoi retrocedat proprietarilor de drept.

În prezent e unul din cele mai apreciate restaurante din Cluj-Napoca, atat pentru meniul sau cat si pentru design.

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Andrei Pop
11 iulie 2018 15:23

One of those restaurants owned by cheap Romanians that try to force you to buy a bottle of plain water when your bill is already over 60£/2 ppl saying they are "not allowed" to serve tap water. Impolite waiters and a cheap service. Avoid.

Dear owner
Thanks for pointing out the difference between a cheap venue and a top restaurant.
The review was not at all about that. You are welcome to consider your cheap venue a top restaurant if it makes you feel good about it.
The review was about the fact that you are not contempt with charging the food and drink bill, (be that as expensive as you like it to be) and try to charge another 20 lei for the water.
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Claudia Beck
13 iunie 2018 02:06

Very nice atmosphere, gorgeous location, the employees are not fast enough they need to pay attention to their customer needs all the time. We were ready to pay but our waiter was nowhere to be found. we served appetizers and desert food was good
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Botond Székely
23 iunie 2018 13:45

Good food, as always. Their interior design and outdoor garden is classy. Waiting staff could be more professional though.
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Ludovic Andreas Toth
4 iunie 2018 23:30

No words needed. This place is absolutely fantastic. The coziness, the intimacy and the taste of food tranform this place in the perfect place to eat.

As everywhere, there are some negative aspects as well. I have to say that it is a little bit too expensive and the menu is not that extensive if you don't have a lot of money to spend.
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Antoni Andras-Emil
2 iulie 2018 09:18

A very beautiful place. Spacious, outdoor and the servers are wonderful. Perfect for casual and more type of meetings
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