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Trattoria Pineta

3,8 / 3 voturi
Strada Constantin Brâncuși 1, Cluj
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Trattoria Pineta este un restaurant localizat la adresa Strada Constantin Brâncuși numărul 1. Deschis zilnic între orele 10:00 - 23:00.

La Trattoria Pineta te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific internațional.

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 23:00


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3,8 / 3 voturi
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A Andra
15 februarie 2020 10:13 Rezervat în data de 14 februarie 2020

Z Zsolt
29 ianuarie 2019 16:02 Rezervat în data de 29 ianuarie 2019

V Vesa
21 noiembrie 2018 15:16 Rezervat în data de 21 noiembrie 2018

9 ianuarie 2020 21:28

They have very VERY bad service. Your delivery comes late, the pizza not well sliced, they forget ingredients (for which I even paid extra) and the pizza is cold. I used to order from here a lot and it used to be very good, but now it feels like they are intentionally being rude. PLEASE DO SOMETHING.
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1 decembrie 2019 10:43

Very tasty food (pasta, porcini mushrooms pizza, lasagna), good wines, excellent cheesecake. The place is a little dark, needs to be freshened up.
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3 decembrie 2019 08:25

The best pizza with mushrooms (hribi ) 😍
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2 ianuarie 2020 19:51

The pizza dough was fried, very oily and even though I asked for thin dough the pizza came with fluffy dough. Never ordering again from there.
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16 august 2019 04:13

I used to eat here all the time. Good quality/price ratio. Now they've increased their prices substantially and I really don't think the value is justified anymore.

Only had one mishap with them, I ordered 10 pizzas for a birthday for a specific time of the day, and they just delivered them in like 30 mins. I felt sorry for the driver and took the order anyway, pizzas ended up getting cold by the time everyone arrived. Called in, they apologized but offered nothing in return. Plenty of better places out there.
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