The Soviet | Uzina De Cocktailuri

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Strada Franklin Delano Roosevelt 2, Cluj

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The Soviet l Uzina de cocktail-uri a Clujului este un bar tematic, cu cocktail-uri originale servite in borcane, atmosfera tovaraseasca si terasa comunista.

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Luni - Duminică
12:00 - 02:00


Păreri despre "The Soviet | Uzina De Cocktailuri"

Pasquale Facchini
10 aprilie 2019 22:07

Simply spectacular. A great Place to have a drink or one of the most tasty cocktails ever. Cheap for the "euro tourists" good priced compared to quality for Romanian people.
Soviet funny atmosphere, good music, kind service. Strongly suggested
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Florin Alexandru Ungur
1 aprilie 2019 18:25

Nice place and friendly staff. In the summer their terrace is great place. They have a good variety of drinks and the soviet vibe of the place makes it somewhat different from other places. Recommended checking it out.
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Ruxandra Calin
12 mai 2019 20:21

Awesome and funny place to hang out, they have very good cocktails and shots (try the alcoholic "compot"). They all have funny names and are very delicious. In the summertime, I hight recommend the terrace.
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Dana Ungur
25 martie 2019 23:20

Great place! It has a large variety of unique and interesting beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The menu provides a good laugh for the native Romanians. 😁
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Doru Botog
16 mai 2019 18:13

Best place in town to get some drinks and make a night you won't forget.
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