The Soviet | Uzina De Cocktailuri

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The Soviet | Uzina De Cocktailuri nu acceptă rezervări online prin
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Strada Franklin Delano Roosevelt 2, Cluj

The Soviet | Uzina De Cocktailuri

4,9 / 13 voturi
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Strada Franklin Delano Roosevelt 2, Cluj
The Soviet | Uzina De Cocktailuri nu acceptă rezervări online prin
The Soviet l Uzina de cocktail-uri a Clujului este un bar tematic, cu cocktail-uri originale servite in borcane, atmosfera tovaraseasca si terasa comunista.

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Luni - Joi
10:00 - 00:00
Vineri - Sâmbătă
12:00 - 00:00
10:00 - 00:00


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4,9 / 13 voturi
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11 iunie 2022 18:13

Sooo...there's a story behind this. I initially refused to go there as the place didn't seem very promising and was a bit fed up with pubs. I've tried pushing towards Charlie, another cocktail bar but gave up eventually and decided to listen my friend who has suggested Soviet's cocktails.

Long story short, the next time I went for cocktails, I took my partner there and we have had a fantastic time.

Teo and Vasile are absolutely brilliant, helpful, suuuper friendly and the best staff I have encountered in a very long time! They know how to pay attention to the customers needs, how to make and serve the most delicious drinks and to put a smile on people's faces. They kick ass🙌

If you're into whiskey and ballentines I recommend you Moskova cocktail which will absolutely blow your mind and taste buds🤤🤤
Also, the music is good and the place its full of positive vibes🥰🙌

Definitely recommend.
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15 septembrie 2022 11:59

Nice location with a nice atmosphere.
Music is good and various.
Cocktails are good for a good price (For a tourist at least). 2 cocktails and 1 shot for 9€.

They also have Tatratea, much love for it.
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8 octombrie 2022 22:07

A great place to get drunk like literally. The have a huge cocktail menu and I was never disappointed😂. The place is in the city center in Museum square, it has a funky soviet design and the staff is very friendly. However if you stay in the back rooms and it s crowdy the serving is a bit slow but in the rest is a great place. Totally recommend it.
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9 septembrie 2021 13:14

It is nice place to hangout. There no food option but all drinks are great. Overall ambience was great.
Also an extra star for staff, really nice and friendly guys.

I was there only for a day but it is worth to spend evening there. I will go again.
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8 septembrie 2021 13:05

Super mega amazing great shots and cocktails. Really fun and quirky place, with amazing service and funny names for the drinks. Definitely need to visit while in town!
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