The Soviet | Uzina De Cocktailuri

Strada Franklin Delano Roosevelt 2, Cluj

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The Soviet l Uzina de cocktail-uri a Clujului este un bar tematic, cu cocktail-uri originale servite in borcane, atmosfera tovaraseasca si terasa comunista.

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13:00 - 07:00
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Păreri despre "The Soviet | Uzina De Cocktailuri"

Levente Kovacs
26 noiembrie 2017 19:45

Very nice place...good coffee and amazing cocktails. I do recommend to visit even daytime for a coffee or evening with friends they have a large list of awesome cocktails, don't be afraid because of the strange names 😁😁😁 they also have a good beer selection if u like beer. For sure I will come back here every time when I'm in Cluj
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Tania Karabetskaya
10 ianuarie 2018 13:42

Good atmospheric place. The interior may look a bit overdone, but, I guess, there's no such thing, when you talk about soviet stuff. Anyway, it's a great pub to have a few shots with friends.
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Mihai Zoican
22 februarie 2018 14:34

one of the best places to go out for cocktails and shotsm great staff, music and crowd.
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Tudor Bogdan
18 ianuarie 2018 12:58

Looks very nice, full of books about russia (written in russian) sovietic orientated (as the name says). Nice music, i'd say for all tastes, people are nice, i like everything inn the menu, so you are welcome to try something new. Pay a visit when you have some free time
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18 februarie 2018 01:45

Nice place, funny menu, waiters not so nice. Also a bit expensive for the effort they put in
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