The Soviet | Uzina De Cocktailuri

Strada Franklin Delano Roosevelt 2, Cluj

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The Soviet l Uzina de cocktail-uri a Clujului este un bar tematic, cu cocktail-uri originale servite in borcane, atmosfera tovaraseasca si terasa comunista.

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Luni - Duminică
12:00 - 02:00


Păreri despre "The Soviet | Uzina De Cocktailuri"

Adrian Z
25 mai 2018 21:25

The place is trying to give a vibe of the great partisan spirit. Not exactly in the real way of the word. It is filled though with pictures representative for the communist era. The music has nothing to do with that though. It's overall a very cozy place with some outdoor tables to, which are usually all taken.
The menu is again a parody of former Soviet drinks names, communist pop culture references and some snacks names in the same fashion. The place has some really good cocktails. The prices are more in the moderate range, being a Central bar after all. But I guess it's a nice place to hang out, especially for the foreigners and the students who might like the decorations.
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Alexandra Marian
7 august 2018 21:42

Awesome cocktails! Great staff! If you're looking for a place for drinks in the city this is definitely the spot! Love it!
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21 iulie 2018 14:06

This place is a really suitable choice if you just want to chill and enjoy a good talk with your friends but also if you would like to celebrate something by havin a drink. It has an awesome menu, providing one with great, funny and imaginative descriptions of their really tasty, super varied cocktails that just make you think of old-regime Romania with a humour sprinkled kind of nostalgia. Pricewise, The Soviet is above many fancy places out there, nice staff and awesome music also. Enjoy! I know I did every time.
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Radu Codrin Leterna
21 iulie 2018 10:44

Great place for beers and inedit cocktails! The menu is really rich in choices so you won't get bored. Serving is also good. In summer you can also sit in the backyard.
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Gabriel Ciobanu
15 august 2018 11:35

Nice atmosphere, great drinks and friendly staff. Prices are acceptable for a bar in the city center
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