Soto Chef

Strada George Barițiu 4-6, Cluj
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La SotoChef nu exista compromisuri. Mancarea este pregatita in fiecare dimineata din ingrediente proaspete, atent alese. Echipa noastra depune zilnic eforturi suplimentare pentru a depasi toate standardele din domeniu si pentru a asigura clientilor cel mai bun produs posibil.

Stim cat de important este bugetul fiecarei familii, asa ca am adaptat preturile pentru fiecare buzunar, astfel incat servirea mesei de pranz in oras sa devina o placere si nu o povara.

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Luni - Vineri
08:30 - 16:30
Sâmbătă - Duminică


Păreri despre "Soto Chef"

Flavia Tuduce
3 decembrie 2018 17:31

This a nice and cozy place. You can always check on their Facebook page what they have on the menu for the day, to see if you would like to eat what they have on a certain day.

The times I went there, I really enjoyed their food and they were quite generous with the portions. The food also tasted really good and was delicious.

Expect that at certain lunch hours, they might be quite packed. They also serve quite the delicious breakfast.
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Adrian Lupoian
31 octombrie 2018 09:53

Good food.
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Alexandru Carcea
12 iulie 2017 08:09

If fast food is not your thing, and you're more into good, traditional cuisine, give Soto Chef a go. Good food at reasonable pricing, nice atmosphere. 4 offerings for the menu of the day (including a vegetarian option) that vary daily and that can be mixed & matched. Can (and will) get a little crowded during lunch hours.
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marian iuga
6 martie 2018 20:34

Not a fancy place! Salt is not a key ingredient and the soups are not a good choice (almost cold every time i ate here). Verdict: decent food but never my first or second hoice where to eat every day.
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Norbert Stefan
13 ianuarie 2018 13:03

Very good food when you're on the cheap, decent portions everything seems like it's home made which is nice.
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